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Why Can't The Rapture Be Post-trib

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Why Can't The Rapture Be Post-trib?
Загружен 6 сентября 2007
For nearly ten years, Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon sat down in TBC's broadcast studio in Bend, Oregon to discuss God's Word, Dave's books, events of the day, ...

Why Can't the Rapture be Post-Trib?
Загружен 6 июля 2012
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The Post-Tribulation Rapture - Biblical, Scriptural PROOFS
Загружен 5 июня 2018
Here are the Biblical facts about the Rapture; when, where, and how. You need to know that most of what we have heard was wrong. The Bible CLEARLY ...

The Pre-Trib Rapture - I can't find a single verse! (R.C. Sproul)
Загружен 21 июля 2018
Dr Sproul asks a pre-trib scholar where to find Biblical evidence for the pretribulational rapture. Watch to see his response!

Why YOU may be "Left Behind" to Escape the Antichrist When the "Rapture" Doesn't Happen
Загружен 14 марта 2018
Why the Pre-Tribulation rapture may leave true believers "Left Behind". Tonight Now You See Tv will be interviewing Lou Comunale on his book "Escape the ...

Post Trib Moment #16 - The 24 Elders in Heaven do NOT prove a pre-tribulation rapture
Загружен 6 ноября 2012
Here is the link to make a donation to Faithful Word Baptist Church (donations processed by Word of Truth Baptist Church):

Will Christians Lose Their Faith When the Pre-Trib Rapture Does NOT Occur?
Загружен 28 января 2009
Open discussion concerning the rapture theory. For over 100 years Christians have been led to believe that Jesus will rapture the church out of the earth before ...

Why a post-tribulation rapture can't possibly be correct!
Загружен 4 ноября 2010
The following is a question I recently received: When I read the scriptures, it seems that the Bible supports a post-tribulation rapture rather than a pre-tribulation ...

"Post Tribulation Rapture" by Pastor Jason Robinson
Загружен 16 октября 2017
Stabbing the sacred cow of the Pre-Trib Rapture. The Rapture happens after the Tribulation and before God pours out his Wrath. 10/15/2017 Sunday Morning ...

Post Tribulation Rapture - Who will Populate The Millennium?
Загружен 14 августа 2008
This question posed by pre-tribulation rapture believers is a favorite but is easily answered by a quick study of the Bible. Read my book, "Changed" absolutely ...

Pre Trib, Mid Trib, & Post Tribulation Rapture Debate is Misunderstood! Rachel Stephens & Josh Peck!
Загружен 20 декабря 2018
Join Josh Peck in Dallas in March of 2019 for the Hear the Watchmen conference! Use promo code Josh20 to get 20 dollars off the price of your tickets.

Post Tribulation Rapture! The Remnant Will Populate The Millennium...Not So Fast!
Загружен 30 июля 2011
For decades, Bible prophecy teachers have been debating over the timing of the rapture. The four most prominent raptures are the pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation ...

What is the post-tribulation view of the rapture?
Загружен 30 июня 2017
From the series, The Biblical Case For the Rapture of All Christians https://

Pre Trib Rapture vs Post Trib explained. ONE DEBUNKED
Загружен 15 июля 2013
Pre tribulation Rapture vs Post Tribulation redemption explained and one interpretation debunked. UPDATE ALL 50 REASONS FOR THE PRE TRIB ...

12 Post-Trib Rapture Problems
Загружен 17 октября 2017
Here is the link to the notes for this study:

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