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When your girlfriends parents arn't home

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When your girlfriends parents arn't home
Загружен 20 февраля 2015
Well bye bye.

Singing Bring Me The Horizon Songs WITH HELIUM
Загружен 20 апреля 2017
Watch me try to sing my favorite songs from Bring Me The Horizon! I'm sorry in advance. Get my covers and albums on iTunes:

Elena Gilbert & Jacob Wells Crossover - Nothing ever lasts forever [FT]
Загружен 7 апреля 2014
HD + Earphones = Better viewing! If you saw your own death, would you try and change your fate? This video is made for round 5 of the Fate Tournament THE ...

My Favorite Girl; Justin Bieber Fan Fiction {Chapter 45}
Загружен 21 июля 2011
this chapter and chapter 46 is ment to be one chapter, so yeah i had to split them in half cause according to youtube it's too long :LL thanks for reading ...

When They Fell In Love S2 Ep.10 (10/15)
Загружен 17 апреля 2009
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I'm so peed off!!! Ya know how I have a sore throat? I CAN'T SING!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( I need to pratisce I've made my throat WORST BY RANTING ON!!!! Ok I'll ...

Rumors~One Shot Justlena/Jelena
Загружен 8 сентября 2013
Selena's P.O.V The cold atmosphere made it hard for me to sit still in the car.Even with the windows rolled up and heater on full blast,I was freezing.I hummed along to ...

Загружен 2 января 2013
I never knew I'd ship a crossoverXD arn't they just sooo awsome??

I never forget so you don't have to
Загружен 19 ноября 2017
Hello I'm Billy. When I was only nine I loved the nostalgic critic (My humour was a bit advanced for my age). One fateful day I was browsing the subscriptions folder ...

If This Isn't Love nelena/jemi eppy 20 season2 (e.20 s.2)
Загружен 1 июня 2010
after school in the hallway* selena:hey demi? demi:*sighs*yea selena:i gotta talk to you. demi:i know what you mean. selena:you do? demi:yea! ever since we started going here to this stupid...

Sam calls Darrin a dumbhead - Bewitched
Загружен 11 сентября 2008
PLEASE NOTE: Although I know I quite frequently upload videos of Sam and Darrin fighting, please be aware that nearly 95% of the time they are 'a divinely happy couple.' Sam ...

Загружен 1 марта 2015
The CT's and the T's are back once again to completely bring chaos and destruction throughout the famous counter strike map, De_inferno who's going to win?

De_dust2 (in a nutshell)
Загружен 20 февраля 2015
As a normal Counter Strike match on de_dust2, The Terrorists are trying to enter the bombsites and eliminate all Counter Terrorists and the Counter Terrorists wants to eliminate all Terrorists...

Загружен 21 ноября 2016
WE GOT BERNIE! Make sure to follow me on snapchat/instagram to see pictures and videos of him before the next vlog goes up! instagram: KendallRaeOnYT Snapchat: KendallRaeSnapThank you so much...

Загружен 8 июня 2013
The Janoskians want to do terrible things to me... Should I feel honored? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ PREVIOUS VIDEO:

The Diary of a Rich Girl Part 4 (2/2)
Загружен 17 февраля 2009
Hey dudes and dudettes! What's up? Anyway i want to ask you all a HUGE question, can you come up with a new story for me to make? I'm going to ...

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