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The West Wing - President Bartlet walks to the hill

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The West Wing - President Bartlet walks to the hill.
Загружен 26 июля 2011
A clip from Season Five Episode Eight "Shutdown". After budget talks break down with Speaker Haffley, Josh Lyman convinces President Jed Bartlet to walk to ...

Bartlet vs The Speaker
Загружен 27 декабря 2011
My house burned down this May. Please see my other videos and support my channel** - President Bartlet sticks it to the speaker after he pulls a bait and switch ... ...

The West Wing: President Bartlet owns religous nut
Загружен 29 января 2012
Season 2 Episode 3.

The West Wing- Charlie Young meets President Bartlett
Загружен 2 февраля 2010
From S01E03- Charlie Young is introduced to Jed Bartlett at the worst possible time. In a few, brief words, we see why Jed Bartlett is/was a great President, ...

The West Wing - Josiah Bartlet High On Drugs
Загружен 5 декабря 2009
After taking medicine for back pain, president bartlet walks in on a meeting held by his staff.

West Wing Clip - Sending Them Back To The Hill
Загружен 15 марта 2011

Then Shut It Down
Загружен 27 января 2009
Bartlet says "no go" to the Speaker of the House. A disastrous fiscal crisis looms when the federal government is shut down after the President and the powerful ...

The West Wing - Staff plays Basketball
Загружен 21 марта 2014
opening from 1x05, The Crackpots and These Women, with President Bartlet and staffers playing basketball...and the President cheating with a familiar looking ...

Walk & Talk - The West Wing Reunion
Загружен 14 мая 2012
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The West Wing: Shots Fired On The White House
Загружен 7 октября 2011
Someone shooting at the White House. Season 4 Episode 20.

The West Wing - President Bartlett Pwning Kundu (clip)
Загружен 12 июня 2011
"I conquered your country without the paperwork" Epic. My favorite scene from The West Wing.

The West Wing: You're releived Mr President
Загружен 29 апреля 2012
After the kidnapping of Zoe Bartlet, President Bartlet finds it difficult to govern effectively and hence enforces the 25th ammendment. As there is no vice president ...

Walk-and-Talk Monologue (w/ Allison Janney & Bradley Whitford)
Загружен 5 мая 2016
Excited for former 'West Wing' stars Allison Janney and Bradley Whitford to be on the show, James Corden takes a very Aaron Sorkin approach to his ...

West Wing Bartlet's Bible Quotes
Загружен 2 января 2011
President Jed Bartlet of the fictional TV series The West Wing humiliates the socially conservative radio host whom refuses to stand when he enters the room.

The West Wing Top 10- Jed Bartlet Scenes
Загружен 2 сентября 2016
I don't own any of these clips, obviously. The actor who played Jed Bartlet in The West Wing was Martin Sheen.

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