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The Optimism of Millennials Debate Clip Millennials Don't Stand a Chance

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The Optimism of Millennials || Debate Clip || Millennials Don't Stand a Chance
Загружен 10 апреля 2014
The debaters argue whether or not Millennials are too optimistic about the state of their generation in terms of being able to reach their goals.

The Millennial Generation's Digital Advantage || Debate Clip || Millennials Don't Stand a Chance
Загружен 10 апреля 2014
Jessica Grose and David Burstein spar with Binta Niambi Brown on the issue of whether Millennials, as digital natives, truly enjoy an advantage over Generation ...

'Clicktivism' Online v. Real Action || Debate Clip || Millennials Don't Stand a Chance
Загружен 10 апреля 2014
David Burstein and Jessica Grose defend Millennial use of social media for social and political activism against Binta Niambi Brown's assertion that it naively ...

Kevin Bacon Explains the '80s to Millennials | Mashable
Загружен 10 марта 2014
Kevin Bacon would like a word with you about '80s awareness. Watch "The Following," Mondays on FOX:

As a generation, Millennials are extremely 'optimistic'
Загружен 17 октября 2014
Ronan Dunne, Telefonica UK CEO, tells One Young World Summit about findings from the Global Millennial Survey 2014.

Millennial Quotes or Children's Quotes? The Panel Guesses Which Is Which
Загружен 21 сентября 2017
Michael and The Panel of Deplorables guesses if quotes are from children or millennials.

Millennials Debate Day 2
Загружен 25 октября 2012

Can Neuroscience Prove Consciousness Is Created in the Brain? || Debate Clip || Death Is Not Final
Загружен 8 мая 2014
Eben Alexander and Steven Novella debate the origins of human consciousness, whether or not it is a phenomenon that is produced by the brain itself.

Debate: Are Millennials Doomed? NPR Intelligence podcast argued both sides
Загружен 19 апреля 2014
There are a couple important that I feel were not discussed between Millennials: 1. Obesity epedemic 2. FDA drugs The health of millennials needs to be a major ...

David Burstein and Alejandro Maza: Disrupting Politics
Загружен 30 января 2015
How can we improve the quality of politicians? What role can data play in increasing public knowledge of legislative actions? Future Global Leaders David ...

ART THOUGHTZ: To Catch A Millennial (Live at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago 9-07-11)
Загружен 28 сентября 2011

Expert on Millennials shares tips on how to reach them
Загружен 11 февраля 2013
Jeff Fromm, executive VP at Barkley in Kansas City, and co-Author of "Marketing To Millennials: Reach The Largest and Most Influential Generation of ...

The Kaleidoscope Generation: Living Life On Their Own Terms
Загружен 17 мая 2016
Millennials are the largest, most diverse, and probably most talked about generation in history. But what's the reality? In the Kaleidoscope Generation, ...

Liberals Hold the Moral High Ground
Загружен 11 декабря 2017
Are you on the right side of America's moral divide? Four leading political thinkers take to the stage to debate one of the nation's longest-standing and most ...

Up to Us -- Official Trailer
Загружен 5 октября 2012
The official trailer of Up to Us. For more info, please visit

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