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Sequences for Small Space 4 Clockwise Girito Giro en linea michelle joachim

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Sequences for Small Space 4: Clockwise Girito + Giro en linea | michelle + joachim
Загружен 10 мая 2012
Side step (or projection without fully changing weight/rebound) - to follower's back cross, variation of "Giro en linea" (on a line) or to clockwise giro.

Sequences for Small Space 3: Anti-clockwise Girito + Rebote | michelle + joachim
Загружен 10 мая 2012
Anti-clockwise small giro with follower's forward cross. Variation with rebound (rebote/rewind to side step to cross again) and rhythmic variations.

Sequences for Small Space 1: Ocho Cortado Rhythmic Variations | michelle + joachim
Загружен 12 марта 2012
Workshop in Freiburg with variations of the ocho cortado, sistema cruzado, cruces, different rhythms for leader and follower. Michelle Marsidi + Joachim Dietiker ...

Sequences for Small Space 5 | michelle + joachim
Загружен 30 июня 2012
Review of short sequences for dancing in small space. "El Adiós" - Edgardo Donato

Sequences for Small Space 2: Cruces | michelle + joachim
Загружен 11 апреля 2012
Workshop at OsterTango Festival 2012 in Basel. Combinations with back crosses for follower and rhythmic variations. "Trago amargo" - D'arienzo / Echagüe ...

Basic Clockwise Giro with Sacadas | michelle + joachim
Загружен 23 августа 2013
Workshop at Amigos de Tango Summer Camp 2013 in Tampere, Finland.

Clockwise Giro in Close Embrace | michelle + joachim
Загружен 19 июня 2012
Class on back ocho to clockwise giro in close embrace ending in la americana position.

Focus Seminar 8: Sequences for Small Space | michelle + joachim
Загружен 26 июня 2018
Review of part of the Focus Seminar 8 in Basel on close embrace and sequences for small space. "Toda mi vida" - Troilo

Multiple Counterclockwise Giro in Vals | michelle + joachim
Загружен 30 мая 2012
Workshop at "Les Tangofolies de Lausanne" Festival on Multiple turns in Vals. Different rhythms for leader and follower in a basic counterclockwise turn ...

Immersion Seminar Small Colgadas with Back Cross | michelle + joachim
Загружен 27 сентября 2018
Playing with the axis in our Colgadas Immersion Seminar in September 2018. A review of small, elastic colgadas/colgaditas ending in back cross. "Pata ancha" ...

Giros, enrosques, planeos | michelle + joachim
Загружен 7 апреля 2013
Summary of tango seminar at OsterTango Festival 2013 in Basel, Switzerland. "La cantina" - Caló

Back Sacadas 2: Combinations + Cuarta sacada of Follower | michelle + joachim
Загружен 7 июля 2012
Day 3 of our 4-day intensive week on Back Sacadas for Men and Women. Combinations of back sacadas of leader and follower. Combination with giro.

Ocho cortado variation + Clockwise giro + Back cross | michelle + joachim
Загружен 26 июня 2012
Review of short sequences and variations in close embrace. Ocho cortado variation in cruzado. Clockwise giro beginning with rebound in the side step. Sacada ...

Immersion Seminar Small Space 3 | michelle + joachim
Загружен 7 мая 2017
A third demo from our Immersion Seminar "Sequences for Small Space". Variations with back crosses, basic giros, ocho cortado, sandwiches, adornos. "El nene ...

Barridas + Paradas | michelle + joachim
Загружен 19 сентября 2012
Workshop at World of Tango Festival in Tampere, Finland. Michelle Marsidi + Joachim Dietiker

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