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Powerful Mind Control Technique - 4 Stages of Detachment - Patanjali Yoga Sutras part 16

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Powerful Mind Control Technique - 4 Stages of Detachment - Patanjali Yoga Sutras part 16
Загружен 30 января 2018
In our spiritual journey towards God Realization, practice and detachment may reach four stages: 1) Examination and Analysis, 2) Discrimination, 3) Joyful ...

Why Should One Surrender To God | Patanjali Yoga Sutras | Part 23
Загружен 13 апреля 2018
Why should one surrender to God? Why is Surrender Key to receiving grace of God? Maharishi Patanjali has highly emphasized the concept of surrender.

Why is Grace of God in our Hands | Receiving God's Grace Quickly | Patanjali Yoga Sutras Part 22
Загружен 11 апреля 2018
Why is the grace of God in our own hands? How do we receive God's grace quickly? Swami Mukundananda graciously explains that God has a rule: As you ...

Nature of God | Who is God | Powers of God | Patanjali Yoga Sutras | Part 25
Загружен 21 мая 2018
Wish to find out Who is God? What is the nature of God? What are the different powers of God? these are some of the most common questions every person in ...

How to Reach the Highest Stage in Devotion - Patanjali Yoga Sutras part 17 - Swami Mukundananda
Загружен 1 февраля 2018
In our spiritual journey towards God Realization, the highest state reached after cessation of all material thoughts, is known as Asampragyat Samadhi. Swami ...

What is OM | Power of OM | Meaning of OM | Patanjali Yoga Sutras | Part 27
Загружен 31 мая 2018
What is OM? What is the power of OM? Why do people across many religions chant OM? What is the meaning of OM, what is the significance of meditation on ... ...

Beliefs - Key To Making Good Decisions | How To Make Better Decisions Part 6 - Swami Mukundananda
Загружен 8 января 2018
Beliefs you hold create your world. Beliefs can limit or expand thinking. But where do beliefs come from? While beliefs are so crucial to the direction our life goes ...

Magic of Visualizing GOD | Key to Build Your Relationship With God | Patanjali Yoga Sutras | Part 28
Загружен 2 июня 2018
We all want to develop a special connection with God. But is there a simple way to build your relationship with God? Yes there is, it's the magic of visualizing God ...

Dealing with thoughts during meditation | HFN16
Загружен 3 октября 2016
Dealing With Thoughts During Heartfulness Meditation | Heartfulness Meditation | HFN16 Heartfulness – purity weaves destiny

Essential Ingredients for Success Part 1 | Patanjali Yoga Sutras Part 19 | Swami Mukundananda
Загружен 6 февраля 2018
To be successful in devotion as in any endeavor, there are five essential ingredients. In this first part of the lecture, Swami Mukundananda covers the first two: ...

What is Real Surrender | Meaning of Surrender | Faith In God | Patanjali Yog Sutras | Part 24
Загружен 16 апреля 2018
What does surrender means? Is it having complete faith in God? Surrender to God is highly emphasized in all spiritual traditions. It's the key to receiving God's ...

Is It Really Possible To Control Your Mind? Patanjali Yog Sutras Part 12 -Swami Mukundananda
Загружен 11 января 2018
We all at some point wish if we could control our mind, but is it really possible to control your mind? And if so then how can we successfully control the ...

What is wrong with worldly happiness? Patanjali Yoga Sutras part15 - Swami Mukundananda
Загружен 17 января 2018
In this episode of practice and detachment, Swamiji explains the detachment from world and the reason behind it. There is no happiness in this world, if there is ...

How To Make Better Decisions Part1: Unlocking Mind's Super-Consciousness - Swami Mukundananda
Загружен 16 декабря 2017
We all are concerned about our personal development. But are we realizing the full potential of our mind to bring about a transformation? In this first part of the ...

Guru Purnima Special 2018: Who is a Guru | Why Do We Need A Guru? | Patanjali Yoga Sutras | Part 26
Загружен 24 мая 2018
Guru Purnima Special 2018: Who is a Guru? Who is a Sadhguru ? Do we need a Guru to progress on spiritual path? What is the real purpose of a Guru? ...

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