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Phalaenopsis Orchids will rebloom from the same spike - True or false

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Phalaenopsis Orchids will rebloom from the same spike - True or false?
Загружен 15 февраля 2016
Since Phalaenopsis are the most common orchids we can buy, there are a lot of videos and articles out there regarding growing them. However, some things are ...

How to care for your phalenopsis orchid so it will rebloom.
Загружен 4 декабря 2017
How to make sure your phalenopsis is getting enough light, water, and fertilizer. Includes tips on what to do when you bring a new orchid home. Subscriber ...

How to rebloom phalaenopsis orchids
Загружен 12 февраля 2017
Im still using my mobile and its my first appearance im a bit conscious... sorry guys...

How to get all your Phalaenopsis Orchids to rebloom - Troubleshooting non bloomers
Загружен 4 декабря 2018
Today we talk about Phalaenopsis orchids and how to get all of them to rebloom.. at the same time! ▽▽▽More info below!▽▽▽ Phalaenopsis orchids are the ...

How to rebloom Phalaenopsis Orchids - Winter & Summer bloomers
Загружен 11 мая 2018
Today we talk about the most famous orchid of all, the Phalaenopsis orchid! not only the classic Phalaenopsis, but the fragrant summer blooming one too!

How to induce a flower spike in Phalaenopsis Orchids
Загружен 16 мая 2017

Orchids which can rebloom on the same flower spike
Загружен 19 июля 2018
Today we talk about the orchids that branch out, or bloom sequentially from the same spike, for longer period of times! ▽▽▽More info below!▽▽▽ 1.

How to tell an Orchid flower spike from a root - Phalaenopsis
Загружен 19 октября 2016
Since it is Phalaenopsis Orchids season, it's time to see some new flower spikes growing! but which is a flower spike and which is a root? ▽▽▽More info ...

How to induce blooming on Phalaenopsis Orchids
Загружен 15 октября 2013
Want some Orchid tips?

Загружен 2 мая 2017
Learn how to make orchids flower again! Easy, step by step to rebloom orchids with EdenMaker, Shirley Bovshow. Don't throw away your orchid after it finishes ...

All about Phalaenopsis Orchid flower spikes
Загружен 2 февраля 2017
Today we focus on Phalaenopsis orchids and talk more about the most anticipated aspect of their care: the flower spike production! ▽▽▽More info bellow!

Загружен 4 ноября 2016
Please Share, Thumbs Up, Comment, Subscribe & all that Jazz : PATREON: BECOME A PATRON OF BRADS GREENHOUSE ...

Orchid Q&A#30 - Flower spikes and temperature, night time darkness & more!
Загружен 25 сентября 2018
Today it's time to answer some more orchid questions that you left in the comment section of my videos! ▽▽▽More info below!▽▽▽ Summer and winter (or ...

Orchid Care: Orchid Reblooming Basics
Загружен 18 июня 2018
Getting orchids to rebloom is not as difficult as you think. If you want to learn how to get an orchid to rebloom, check out our latest video “How to Trigger ...

CUTTING THE SPIKE after the blooms Phalaenopsis.
Загружен 5 сентября 2011
This shows the natural withering and yellowing of the flower spike and where to cut it. The orchid will now enter a rest phase and we will wait for a new ...

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