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Pencil Girl Chapter 12 A Day Off for Jackie Evancho

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Pencil Girl Chapter 12: A Day Off for Jackie Evancho
Загружен 19 мая 2014
A lot of people tell time by the light in the sky - or the pain in their tummy. Bless-ed be the friend who brings you light and takes away your ...

Pencil Girl Chapter 7: Michael's Day with Jackie Evancho
Загружен 2 мая 2014
Michael DeAngelo goes to the Theater nearly every day to practice and perform for school credit. Pencil Girl makes him smile.

Pencil Girl Chapter 14: Picnic in the Park with Jackie Evancho
Загружен 26 мая 2014
A fun Saturday - I hope you have Dolby headphones - and fond memories.

Pencil Girl Chapter 15.5: The Searcher for Jackie Evancho
Загружен 31 мая 2014
Meanwhile, someone who cares searches desperately for Pencil Girl. Please, help the Angel out and promote this story. Thank You.

Pencil Girl Chapter 29.5: Homecoming for Jackie's Fans
Загружен 13 октября 2014
The DeAngelos have put BIG CITY on the map.

Pencil Girl Chapter 28 5: Class Play starring Jackie Evancho
Загружен 22 сентября 2014
She who stoops down to raise another up - stands taller than before.

Pencil Girl Chapter 2: The Stairway for Jackie Evancho
Загружен 13 апреля 2014
A story for you about a little girl, trapped in the slum syndrome of a Big City. She has an extraordinary Gift, which she will begin sharing with those around her ...

Jackie Evancho - 'Your Love' - BT- 2014\9\26
Загружен 27 сентября 2014
Jackie Evancho 'Your Love' From Her New Album "Awakening" Jackie Evancho on iTunes:

Pencil Girl Chapter 11: The Dress with Jackie Evancho
Загружен 16 мая 2014
The song writer has written,"wearing the same dress she wore yesterday" Clothing is very important to a girl, especially if she has to wear her only dress day in - and ...

Pencil Girl Chapter 17.5: Enchanted starring Jackie Evancho
Загружен 9 июня 2014
Saturday night - - the little Pencil Girl leaves the sidewalk and the pencils behind and - - - - - - - - Just watch. - - - - and ...

Pencil Girl Chapter 18: Gone ! - - Jackie Evancho
Загружен 13 июня 2014
HOME is where you keep your stuff. To some, HOME is a stolen grocery cart. To another it might be an old leather suitcase.

Pencil Girl Chapter 15: Shopping Cart and Jackie Evancho
Загружен 30 мая 2014
Two kids - - having fun - - learning to trust. Sorry, Germany - I'm not allowd to play Carpenter music for you.

Pencil Girl Chapter 10: The Aria of Jackie Evancho
Загружен 12 мая 2014
Sorry, Germany, You won't get to hear Pencil Girl, for the first time - sing big time. So - Why wouldn't she let him walk her home ?

Pencil Girl Chapter 13.5: Searching for Jackie Evancho
Загружен 23 мая 2014
Someone cares enough to try to find her.

Pencil Girl Chapter 13: Nurse Michael for Jackie Evancho
Загружен 23 мая 2014
If you didn't have a Mommie, who could you turn to ?

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