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Narnia-Caspian Susan-Poison

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Загружен 23 июня 2009
I'm sorry but this video will not be finished, I had to delete my two Narnia movies :( I had like no room on mu laptop left. But hopefully I can ...

Snow White | Narnia Version [BOIT]
Загружен 1 декабря 2011
Song and artist at the end of the video. Fairytale: Snow White Read it here:

Merlin/Narnia - Poison and Wine
Загружен 19 августа 2015
I made a crossover video between Merlin and Narnia (except for Peter and Liliandil) Couples or Triangels Peter/Liliandil Edmund/Mithian Arthur/Susan/Caspian Merlin/Lucy/Mordred.

my love ♥ | crossover-couples [HD]
Загружен 4 октября 2013
Damn I am addicted to crossovers!:DDD There are six awesome movies, 34 amazing characters and 17 cute crossover couples in one video! I worked so long on this video, hope you ...

Prince Caspian/Susan;; Don't Trust Me
Загружен 17 августа 2009
Please you guys... xD Don't ask about this!!! My friend and I were bored one night and well. She told me to make a Caspian video with "Don't Trust Me" by ...

*~ Queen Susan and Prince Caspian || I Can't Feel You There ~*
Загружен 24 июля 2012
When I heard this song first time I thought " Oh my God, it's perfect for Suspian!"... so... here is it! Fandom: The Chronicles of Narni Couple: Queen Susan the Gentle ...

Caspian/Susan-Just The Way You Are
Загружен 8 февраля 2011
So I have done a plot for this one .... When ever Susa see's Caspian she always asks himif she looks ok.So Caspian and Susan are going out with eachother and ...

before the worst [Caspian/Susan]
Загружен 20 марта 2011
Fandom; Prince Caspian & Queen Susan (Narnia: Prince Caspian) Song; Before The Worst by The Script Software; Adobe Premiere Pro - - - - - - - - - - - ...

Narnia | LotR - [Susan|Haldir] Crossover PREVIEW
Загружен 12 февраля 2012
I couldn't stop myself from posting this cause I love the coloring so much and wanted to share it with you. Also I am proud to say that I invented it ...

Susan & Caspian - Hush Hush
Загружен 12 августа 2015

Pevensie x Anderson [TAUC] // idfc
Загружен 18 августа 2016
This is my video for the TAUC first round. Couple: Todd Anderson & Susan Pevensie So, Todd loves Susan, but he is to shy to admit it. Susan acts like she ...

prince caspian
Загружен 23 февраля 2008
trailer for new movie the chronicles of narnia: prince caspian. i dont own any of this. enjoy!!

Peter and Prince Caspian- Everytime We Touch
Загружен 7 июня 2008
Another gay-narnia video...so cute!

lights will guide you home. | caspian and susan ♥
Загружен 11 октября 2011
Hi! I've never made a video of The chronicles of Narnia. I like so much this coulple (: HOPE YOU LIKE IT! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING.

Poison - Draco Malfoy / Peter Pevensie
Загружен 16 сентября 2006
No copyright infringement intended, I do not claim ownership over the Harry Potter/Chronicles of Narnia clips or the song. Two hot guys playing in the snow, upbeat song... Slashvid!...

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