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Mrs P Reads Snow White The Poor Small Boy

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Mrs P Reads Snow White The Poor Small Boy
Загружен 11 ноября 2016
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Mrs. P Reads Snow White
Загружен 29 мая 2012
A sweet, lovely girl named Snow White runs away from home when she learns that her wicked stepmother -- jealous of her beauty -- wants to kill her. While lost ... ...

Mrs. P Reads The Bad Little Boy
Загружен 18 июля 2012
What if you did all sorts of terrible, rotten things... but nothing bad ever happened to you? This is a parody of moralistic fables by one of America's original -- and ...

Mrs P Reads Jack The Beanstalk Small Crimson Using Hood
Загружен 11 ноября 2016
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Mrs. P Reads The Gold Children
Загружен 30 августа 2013
A poor fisherman catches a fish made entirely out of gold. The fish promises the man great riches if he will set him free and never tell anyone their secret.

Mrs. P Reads Rapunzel
Загружен 18 марта 2012
When a beautiful young woman is grounded in her room, like, forever and then a cute boy comes along, she decides to take matters into her own hands... or, um, ... ...

Mrs. P Reads Nightmare
Загружен 17 июля 2012
This is a funny poem about the scariest nightmare you ever had -- the kind where you wake up tangled in your sheets and covered in "fear juice." Written by W. ...

Mrs. P Reads The Ugly Duckling
Загружен 20 июля 2012
Everyone makes fun of a little duck because he looks different than everybody else. Of course, this makes him very unhappy -- but he has a big surprise coming ...

Mrs. P Reads The Hand
Загружен 17 июля 2012
A man keeps a shriveled human hand chained to a wall in his house. But that's not the weird part. The man is convinced the hand is trying to kill him. ...

Mrs P Reads Rumpelstiltskin Sleeping Elegance
Загружен 11 ноября 2016
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Mrs. P Reads Rumpelstiltskin
Загружен 29 мая 2012
A father brags so much about how great his daughter is that a king finally demands that they prove it... or he'll kill her. Thanks a lot, Dad! Author: The Brothers ...

Mrs. P Reads The Nightingale
Загружен 19 июля 2012
A small, wise bird develops a friendship with the Emperor of China. They grow very close, until one day the Emperor replaces the nightingale with a mechanical ...

Mrs. P Reads The Tell Tale Heart
Загружен 17 июля 2012
A guy can't get the THUMP-THUMP-THUMP heartbeat of the man he killed out of his head. Mrs. P dares you to watch this without lying wide awake all night in a ...

Mrs. P Reads The Monkey's Paw
Загружен 17 июля 2012
A family comes to possess a shriveled monkey's paw that will grant any three wishes. The family's first wish leads to one of the worst fates that you can possibly ... ...

Загружен 22 ноября 2016
This may be one of my most intense/drunk vlogs yet.. please watch with caution... BUT ITS SO MUCH FUN SO WATCH IT!! My second channel: ...

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