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More Sh*t Console Gamers Say

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What REALLY bothers me about consoles, that almost never gets mentioned
Загружен 1 декабря 2016
In this video, I talk about the ONE thing that disturbs me as a member of the glorious PC master race the most: that consoles dumb everything down. As in, every ...

Ubisoft CEO: Next Generation Will Be The Last Generation Of Consoles. I Agree...
Загружен 8 июня 2018
check out Stone Age Gamer for awesome retro gaming consoles, products and accessories (affiliate link): https://?afmc=rtu In an interview ...

Shit Call Of Duty Players Say
Загружен 2 февраля 2012
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Game Critics
Загружен 8 июля 2017

Stupid Console Peasant Quotes - The Peasant in the Closet - EP #31 [PC Master Race Entertainment]
Загружен 18 сентября 2015
In this episode of Stupid Console Peasant Quotes, the show for the eloped nobility of the PC master race, I showcase a peasant who thinks he is a tough guy, but ...

Bad Graphics
Загружен 10 октября 2017
These games don't even have barely 100 graphics, what a shame.

PS4 & PS4pro Controller vs. Mouse & Keyboard Input Lag
Загружен 3 октября 2018
With the Season 6 patch for Fortnite, EPIC games not only fully enabled Cross Platform Play on the PlayStation 4, they also enabled native mouse and keyboard ...

100 Fortnite Tips and Tricks - LEARN EVERYTHING!
Загружен 13 июня 2018
It's that time, 100 tips and tricks for Fortnite. Here's a bunch of ways to become a better Fortnite player. If you found it useful, drop a fat LIKE. If I ...

Top 5 Kids Who Got BANNED From Fortnite Battle Royale!
Загружен 21 апреля 2018
Top 5 Kids Who Got BANNED From Fortnite Battle Royale! Subscribe to never miss a Top 5 here: https://goo.gl/eWUCx5 Follow us on Twitter to be informed ...

How Consoles Broke The 'Play Now' Promise (The Jimquisition)
Загружен 17 октября 2016

console peasant shit
Загружен 17 апреля 2016
what the fuck are cameras TOM CLANCY'S RAINBOW SIX® SIEGE https://store./#!/en-ca/tid=CUSA01800_00.

Nickmercs Explains to Ninja Why he is SWITCHING From Console to PC! (Fortnite BR Moments)
Загружен 6 сентября 2018
Nickmercs the Console pro Explains to Ninja Why he is SWITCHING From Console to PC! Nick Mercs will no longer play on ps4 console but he will still use a ... ...

Crash Is Gone! (Crash N. Sane Trilogy - Stream #5)
Загружен 14 октября 2018
Today we finish Crash 2, but I don't have enough left in me to 100% it, so forget that noise! Also, Crash is taken away, never to be seen again. The ...

when people say all Nintendo players are bots.. (Nintendo 1v1)
Загружен 11 октября 2018
this is all from live. wanted to say I own all gaming systems up to date that have fortnite on it. Nintendo fortnite used to run at a solid 12 fps ...

When is a Console Considered to be Retro? - AlphaOmegaSin
Загружен 6 марта 2016
AlphaOmegaSin asks the question when is a console considered retro? Many will say NES & Atari are retro video game consoles. But is PS1 or Dreamcast retro ...

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