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Men's Rights Aren't Taken Seriously

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Men's Rights Aren't Taken Seriously
Загружен 12 мая 2018
The article I referenced: https://bit.ly/2G8Uvs0 Intro by Communist in Space Commie's Channel:

A Feminist's Journey into the Men's Rights Movement: Cassie Jaye uncensored Intervw!
Загружен 20 сентября 2018
Source: https://

Are Men's Rights Neglected? Yes, BBC. They Are.
Загружен 4 июля 2018
I swear that this is the last video for a while that I'll do on the BBC, but can you blame me for making so many?! They're just so stupid sometimes! ...

Men Are Being Screwed - Child Custody
Загружен 10 мая 2017
So, guys, today, I wanted to talk about the unfair treatment of men within child custody battles and courts. If I made any mistakes or you think I should have ... ...

I stand for men's rights
Загружен 15 августа 2018
We truly need a men's rights movement here in America. Look at the statistics. Look around you. Listen.

How the long history of not being taken seriously affects women in power today
Загружен 30 декабря 2017
The way women operate today in the public sphere is not too different from how they did in the literature of Homer or the Middle Ages, says Mary Beard, ...

Why do anti-feminists become men's rights activists?
Загружен 30 апреля 2018
Now THIS is what a nice microphone setup sounds like: thanks to all my patrons for supporting this channel! While this video is not patron-supported, I will ...

Why The Men's Rights Movement Failed-MRA's, PUA's, MGTOW And The Manosphere
Загружен 23 апреля 2018
Support me! All donations are greatly appreciated. https://

Dear: Black Folks; Why You aren't taken seriously by this country.
Загружен 27 июля 2017
In this video i attempt to give my observation of why Black people in America, are in the position of being a laughing stock of the political, establishment. the 5 ... ...

How Men's rights is a dead end and what to do about it - Negative Sum Game 1
Загружен 28 апреля 2018
If a social ill is seen to affect women, we care. If it's seen to affect women because they're women, we would care even more. But if it's seen to affect ...

The Problem with Men’s Rights Activists Men's Civil Rights Reacts
Загружен 15 октября 2016
This video is a response to an article written by a feminist that I feel misrepresents the men's rights movement. I point out the falsehoods and give solid examples ...

Male Victims Not Taken Seriously?
Загружен 24 июля 2017
Male victims are not taken seriously enough!! In this video, I discuss why male victims of rape & sexual assault are not taken as seriously & the attitudes that go ... ...

"Men's Rights Feminism"
Загружен 10 июля 2018
BronxBlogger takes a look at the Lady Jordan B Peterson, Camille Paglia. Follow me @bronxbloggerNYC.

There Is No Gender Wage Gap
Загружен 6 марта 2017
Is there a gender wage gap? Are women paid less than men to do the same work? Christina Hoff Sommers, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise ...

Male Suicide Rates Need to Be Discussed
Загружен 5 сентября 2017
This was a hard video to make, not just because it was hard to get information on the topic, but also because it's so depressing to talk about; however, it needs ...

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