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A Faster F2L Look Ahead Technique (CFOP)
Загружен 20 мая 2018
Matching stickers is the most common recognition method, which is not often the best way to recognize. This is because you track too much information at once.

How to Solve a 3x3 Using Only J Perm
Загружен 22 февраля 2018
Giveaway is closed. Thanks for entering! Cube: Supernova MF3RS2 M: "JPERM" for 10% off! I get my cubes from SpeedCubeShop!

A Cool J Perm!
Загружен 19 февраля 2017
This J perm is very fast and awesome! I use it as my main algorithm, and I think that it is one of the best. Algorithm: x R2 F R F' ...

3x3 Roux Speedsolving Method Tutorial (for CFOP Solvers)
Загружен 5 мая 2018
Roux is a great speedsolving method with a lower move count than CFOP, and also requires fewer algorithms. CFOP is more popular, but Roux users have ...

(New) How to Solve the Rubik's Cube Blindfolded Tutorial [Old Pochmann Method]
Загружен 9 апреля 2018
You can try the easy examples in the video before trying a scrambled cube, so you can properly understand all the concepts. Make sure you watch the full video ...

Q&A: Is J Perm actually left handed? (no)
Загружен 23 октября 2017
Cube: Cosmic Valk 3 M:

Загружен 16 ноября 2017
SpeedCubeShop: "JPERM" at checkout for 10% off! 1:00 Budget 3x3 Comparison ...

[Finger Trick] How to Execute the J Perms Like a Pro.
Загружен 4 октября 2014
Quick video on what I think is a fast ways to do the J perms. Cube: AoLong v2. Website:

How To Solve a 4x4 Blindfolded Tutorial (4BLD)
Загружен 8 мая 2018
Full tutorial to solve a 4x4 blindfolded: including memorization, execution, and lots of examples! Method names: U2/r2/OP HUGE thanks to Timothy Goh for ...

7 Tips to be Sub-1 Minute on 4x4
Загружен 28 апреля 2018
All the most important tips you need to be sub-1 minute on 4x4! Beginner tips as well as advanced tips. Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Best Algorithms For ALL Advanced F2L Cases (pdf)
Загружен 4 января 2018
Algorithms PDF:

Rubik's Cube: 7 Tips to be Sub-10 on 3x3 (CFOP)
Загружен 19 января 2018
I average low-9. This is my comprehensive guide for how to be sub-10 seconds on the Rubik's Cube with CFOP. Many topics I could only go over briefly, but ...

Fast PLL Algorithms & Finger Tricks
Загружен 18 декабря 2017
ALTERNATIVE ALGORITHMS: https://youtu.be/TWN9LNCHQY8 Cube: Gan Air SM: "JPERM" for 10% off! MORE VIDEOS: Common ...

I React to my Not-That-Old Videos
Загружен 22 марта 2018
The earliest video here is from September 2016, which is around 1.5 years ago. I forgot the 1 year anniversary of my channel in September, I forgot the 1 year ... ...

The Best Budget 5x5
Загружен 3 мая 2018
Budget 5x5 comparison. These were surprisingly good after trying budget 4x4s a few months ago. For beginner to advanced 5x5 tips: [this video doesnt exist yet] ...

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