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Here's what people don't say about the US trade deficit with China

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Here’s what people don’t say about the US trade deficit with China
Загружен 8 ноября 2017
The White House says the U.S. trade deficit with China is too high…but it may it be a lot lower than it seems. Watch CGTN LIVE on your computer, tablet or ...

Here's what people don't say about the US trade deficit with China
Загружен 4 апреля 2017
People talk about the U.S. trade deficit with China a lot, but what is it really? CGTN's Wang Guan explains.

The argument for a U.S. trade deficit with China
Загружен 20 апреля 2018
America's growing trade deficit is one of President Trump's main arguments for imposing tariffs on China. And yet most economists would agree instead with the ...

Explaining the US-China trade deficit
Загружен 25 мая 2018
CGTN's Lisa Chiu interviewed Sara Hsu, an economist and a professor at SUNY - New Paltz about the trade deficit between the United States and China.

Is the US Trade Deficit a Problem?
Загружен 7 марта 2017
Gary Clyde Hufbauer explains that at times of high growth, a US trade deficit can actually help the economy—but when economic slowdowns occur, trade ...

The trade deficit isn't as scary as you think
Загружен 24 мая 2017
The U.S. has a trade deficit — but that's not necessarily a bad thing. #MarketplaceAPM #TradeDeficit #EconomicExplainers.

Talk: A huge trade deficit with China? Not so simple!
Загружен 28 марта 2018
A "huge" trade deficit with #China is reportedly behind the #US administration's plan to slap tariffs on up to 60 billion US dollars worth of Chinese imports and ...

Is the US trade deficit a bad thing?
Загружен 14 марта 2018
The U.S. has a $566 billion dollar trade deficit with the rest of the world. But does that hurt the economy? Christine Romans investigates.

Facts about U.S. Trade Deficit with China
Загружен 19 сентября 2017
Trade imbalance has been an ongoing source of tension between the U.S. and China. According to U.S. statistics, U.S. trade deficit with China in 2016 ...

It's Tough To Win A Trade War When You Don't Know What A Trade Deficit Is
Загружен 26 июля 2018
Donald Trump is unfathomably stupid. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. TYT now has a full audio network! Listen at ...

How the US-China trade deficit grew
Загружен 10 ноября 2017
The Trump administration is touting a $250 billion trade deal, as the president softens his rhetoric against China; James Rosen goes in-depth for 'Special Report ...

Who is to blame for the US trade deficit with China?
Загружен 28 июля 2018
A $500 billion trade deficit is one excuse for US President Donald Trump to wage a trade war against China. $500 billion. Is that true? Trump claims that the US ... ...

A Wall Street Strategist Explains His Trade Deficit With Costco
Загружен 27 июля 2018
David Kelly, Chief Global Strategist of JPMorgan Asset Management, explains why the US trade deficit with China doesn't matter. Kelly explains that he runs a ...

Growing US trade deficit with China prompts new tariffs
Загружен 10 мая 2019
Donald Trump's tariff hike on $200 Billion worth of Chinese starts May 10, the latest turn in what China calls "the largest trade war in economic history.

America v China: a new kind of cold war | The Economist
Загружен 29 мая 2019
America and China are fighting over far more than trade. If this growing rivalry is managed badly, everybody will lose. Read more here: https://econ.st/2YTgtsH ...

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