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Don't Throw Things at People - RedSpades Live!

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Don't Throw Things at People - RedSpades Live!
Загружен 4 сентября 2011
Lesson #23 in Manners School: Do not throw stuff at people. They might not like it. Join our lovely gaming community at

Too Fast Too Furious Part 2 - RedSpades Live!
Загружен 28 августа 2011
Best round of 'Speed' I've ever had so far. Splattered many and was going unbelievably fast. Totally worth the watch! Would you like to join our custom games?

My sales are down?! What?! - RedSpades Live
Загружен 23 июля 2010
While playing Michael Myers, Lone N00b gives me dreadful news. I sort of go ape crap and kill him off. Hey! It's his job to make sure my sales are going ...

Finding my way out - RedSpades Live!
Загружен 27 августа 2011
Epic round of "Toy Factory"! Was stuck under a bunch of toys but managed to squeeze my way out by looking for alternate routes under all the toys. Awesome ...

Mayday Mayday - RedSpades Live!
Загружен 29 августа 2011
Hilarious moment during Invasion gametype on Halo Reach. Want to join our lovely growing gaming community? We play matchmaking and custom games ...

Rocket Launcher & Commando | Lone N00b Says - RedSpades Live!
Загружен 23 сентября 2011
Awesome ending to Lone N00b Says! Want to participate in our custom games? Join us at to get notified on the next customs event! Would you like ...

That's what I f**king need - RedSpades Live!
Загружен 11 сентября 2010
"Was having a bad match and a predator missile wants to rub it in." -- Recorded live on -

MW2 Simon Says Feat. Lone N00b - RedSpades Live!
Загружен 24 июля 2010
I gave Simon Says privileges to Lone N00b. Damn, did I not regret it. xD Great stuff! Watch RedSpades live at

I Throw Things and People Die Ep. 1
Загружен 29 апреля 2016
Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel AND to my new series! This is something I have done small clips of in the past on my Instagram and seemed to be ...

Deus Ex - How to Throw objects (PC) [HD] 2011
Загружен 31 августа 2011

DeusDec: Let's Throw Things in Deus Ex Mankind Divided
Загружен 26 августа 2016
We get enhanced with some sick augmentations in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Then we waste them by trying to play three slighty different approaches to the ...

Human Revolution in a Nutshell
Загружен 2 сентября 2011
AKA, a big fucking Fraps dump. I'm not being sarcastic when I say this is game of the year.

Throwing Something - Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Загружен 29 августа 2011
Outtakes -

This is how you play Deus Ex
Загружен 28 августа 2011
I just wanted her to know who I was. =(

MUG!'s Play Simon Says
Загружен 20 июля 2010
We played simon says and jamie won.... again...

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