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Contract Wars - PM (Makarov) Feat. Paul Oakenfold and Chemical Brothers, On Bay 5 (Maximum Graphics)

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Contract Wars - PM (Makarov) Feat. Paul Oakenfold and Chemical Brothers, On Bay 5 (Maximum Graphics)
Загружен 31 января 2014
Makarov, is still considered a weapon in skilled hands. Best bet, aim for the head or stab with knife. Some higher level chaps where with us, including our clan ...

Contract Wars - IZH-43, Feat. Saving Grace, on Evac (Maximum Graphics)
Загружен 30 января 2014
IZH may be not the best gun (Hate the Collimator sight) in contract wars, but its one of my favorite. Behold, the Ultimate Devastation at kg_eu_evac level 10-70 ...

Contract Wars - PM Spetsnaz
Загружен 12 августа 2014

Contract Wars - APS, Feat. Кино, On Terminal DM (Maximum Graphics)
Загружен 5 февраля 2014
APS (Stechkin) is in fact a weapon for russian special forces. Its fully automatic, at long range its better to fire in small bursts, or in semi auto mode. Clan Leader ...

Contract Wars PM Fragmovie
Загружен 6 июня 2016
подпишись на канал помоги каналу развиться 100 просмотров и новое видио.

Contract Wars - DR vs Spetz Full HD 1080 (I Push My Fingers Into My Eyes)
Загружен 2 февраля 2014
Friendly game arranged between DR and Spetz Music dedicated to DR. The Strongest clan in the game. The game was intense. I am really sad i missed it.

Contract Wars - RJ feat. Danzig, Twisted Sister and Nirvana on Evac (Maximum Quality)
Загружен 12 февраля 2014
Raging Judge, is a decent gun. If you know how to use is. On this video I use RJ against some level 62 players with Noveske. Clan Leader of Spetznaz Game ...

Contract Wars - DE Feat. Dr. Dre on Terminal DM
Загружен 13 февраля 2014
Desert Eagle, takes time to master. Not the easiest weapon to handle. Incredible recoil demands patience to allow you to shoot with high accuracy. Clan Leader ...

Contract Wars - Smith & Wesson Stealth Hunter feat. Metallica on Bay7
Загружен 7 октября 2014
Stealth Hunter The one and only in the game. Backpack Sniper, and also a solid weapon in any situation. here is a video on how you can play with Stealth ... ...

Contract Wars Live Comm: PM - UserN8DaGr8
Загружен 9 октября 2013
Not the greatest score but decent in my opinion given the fact that this pistol sucks. I had a 0.5 KD but that isn't terrible considering that this is the worst ...

PMM-12 Prokill -the longest shot :)
Загружен 24 февраля 2015
Mój najdłuższy strzał z pmm-12.

Contract wars:пм
Загружен 26 мая 2013
Оружейный мастер.

Contract Wars H&K MP7
Загружен 22 августа 2015
Ссылка на игрушку

Contract Wars Live Comm: PM (Take 2) - UserN8DaGr8
Загружен 11 октября 2013
Check out this FAIL with the PM pistol. Just a bonus video as I transition into the second tier weapons. Next video: it's shotty time! I would appreciate if you left ...

[WIP] AAGame: Gameplay Footage
Загружен 30 сентября 2013
AAGame is a hobby project that I am developing for several months in a team with my brother. The game is targeted for mobile platforms. It is "tower ...

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