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Загружен 1 августа 2015
Lady goes crazy on her dad..

16-Year-Old To Dr. Phil: ‘You Don’t Scare Me’
Загружен 14 сентября 2017
When Dr. Phil questions a teen high school dropout about her behavior, she responds with, "I know every aspect on everything," and tells him, "You don't scare me."

Dr. Phil Questions Woman Who Claims She Has ‘Psychic Abilities,’ X-Ray Vision
Загружен 20 марта 2017
A woman claims she has X-ray vision and "psychic abilities" which helped her determine that her boyfriend was abused as a child.

Dr. Phil Confronts Guest With Her Vodka-Filled Water Bottle
Загружен 8 сентября 2017
Dr. Phil confronts a guest about drinking vodka out of a water bottle before speaking with him onstage.

Dr. Phil Questions Guest about Her Cancer Claim: "What stage are you in?"
Загружен 30 мая 2013
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Teen Claims She’s 9 Months Pregnant With Baby Jesus – What Does An Ultrasound Reveal?
Загружен 3 ноября 2016
A teen who says she is pregnant with baby Jesus gets an ultrasound so she can prove to her family – who claim she's a liar -- that she's really having ...

Teen Confronted By Mom And Sister About What They Claim Are Her ‘Compulsive Lies’
Загружен 2 ноября 2016
A teen who claims that the rapper Eminem is her father, that she was on “American Idol” and that she is 9 months pregnant is confronted by her mom and sister ...

Sinead O’Connor: 'I Love About My Mother That She’s Dead'
Загружен 12 сентября 2017
In an emotional interview, singer Sinead O'Connor opens up about her ambivalent relationship with her mother, who she claims abused her as a child.

Most Awkward Dr Phil Episode Ever!
Загружен 12 января 2016
Dr Phil is one sexy mother fucker, I'll give him that. If you wanna see more funny shit like this, Check out the Original maker right here. He's a sexy little ...

Dr. Phil To Parents Of Rebellious Teen: ‘What I See Is A Spoiled-Brat Kid Who Gets Rewarded For B…
Загружен 12 октября 2017
Angie and Hunter claim their 15-year-old son, Rivers, won't go to school, calls them names, attacks them physically, and controls their household through intimidation. Dr. Phil says he sees...

‘I Didn’t Think They’d Be Offended,’ Says Guest Of Dr. Phil About Her Unusual Interactions with S…
Загружен 4 ноября 2016
Dr. Phil talks to Alyssa about her unusual interactions with members of his staff. After watching video of herself in action, she apologizes.

"Confronting the Girl Who Shot Me In the Face"
Загружен 30 апреля 2013
"I just don't want...

Teen Says She’s Pregnant With Baby Jesus
Загружен 2 ноября 2016
A 19-year-old is adamant that she's about to give birth to baby Jesus – even though numerous pregnancy tests and doctors have concluded that she is not pregnant.

Mom Says Teen Daughter’s ‘Obsession’ With Her Boyfriend Is ‘Ruining Her Life’
Загружен 20 сентября 2017
A mom says she fears her daughter is going to end up in jail because of how she behaves toward her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

‘I Don’t Want To Go Somewhere Where I Don’t Know Anybody’ Argues Girl Rejecting Residential Thera…
Загружен 28 февраля 2017
Fifteen-year-old Madison argues against going into a residential therapeutic program for teens in crises. Her 13-year-old sister, Liz, escalates the argument and starts swearing at their parents....

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