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How To Breakdance: How To Flare Tutorial | bboytlil
Загружен 10 февраля 2017
In this video you'll be learning on how to do a Flare! (Step By Step) Many of you guys have been asking me to start making tutorials again and kept encouraging ...

[Bboy Vlog] The Life I Live | bboytlil
Загружен 9 сентября 2015
This video is dedicated to all you dreamers outs there. To all the people I met from Fanime, Anime gatherings or conventions, childhood, school, mutual friends ...

Breakdance - Power & Blow Ups | bboytlil
Загружен 14 октября 2016
This is my short Power & Blow Up bboy session. Last week I was experimenting in the lab and worked on the fundamentals for blows up and freezes. You'll ...

[Bboy Vlog] Sam Padrul - Feel The Love (Feat. Chuck New) | bboytlil
Загружен 6 ноября 2015
I just want to live a life where I can eat all the good food, see nice places, film videos, meet new people and dance at Anime Conventions with good/positive ... ...

Dance, Food & More Dancing (The Life I Live EP 4)
Загружен 19 октября 2016
Today on Episode 4 I'll be showing you guys more of my adventures of my daily life filled with a bunch of funny moments and so much randomness! If you like ...

Bboying with King Library Rockers & Friends (The Life I Live EP 11)
Загружен 5 мая 2017
YOO! I know it's been like a few weeks since I last uploaded a video on my channel! Today on The Life I Live Episode 11 you'll be seeing us bboying ...

Best 2015-2016 FUNNY MOMENTS of my life (The Life I Live EP 8)
Загружен 28 декабря 2016
Today on The Life I Live Episode 8 I'll be bringing you some nostalgic FEELS with the best moments of 2015-2016 of my life. This is a bunch of random funny ...

Bboying, Anime & Inspirations (The Life I Live EP 1)
Загружен 30 сентября 2016
Yoo! What is up everyone~ I'm now starting another series on my channel and it's called THE LIFE I LIVE. It's pretty much a vlog showing you what I do on ...

Fate/Stay Night OP2 - Brave Shine Cover by B.R.O.S (Bboy Progression) | bboytlil
Загружен 7 ноября 2017
Hey everyone, so I made a quick bboy progression video to Brave Shine from the anime Fate/Stay Night OP2 cover by B.R.O.S! The artist and singers all done ...

JUST LIVE LIFE | Spring Vlog 2017 (The Life I Live EP 13)
Загружен 17 июня 2017
YOOO~ What is up everyone, so this is my Spring 2017 VLOG! I decided to put a bunch of fun clips together during the beginning of Spring! Since Spring is pretty ...

Karaoke, Arcade Games & Bboy Practice (The Life I Live EP 14)
Загружен 24 июня 2017
This is my VLOG from last week. I wanted to share with you guys more about me and the things I do in my somewhat daily life. This week you'll be ...

【DIMENSION W OP】 - Genesis English Cover [Dima Lancaster feat. BrokeN] | bboytlil
Загружен 19 мая 2017
YOOOO~ Whats up all you awesome people! I'm probably super late, but DIMENSION W OPENING Genesis is amazing! asdjkdjksa^^ Thanks Myles ...

Studio Session Vol. 7 - All That AIR POWER | bboytlil
Загружен 19 мая 2016
In Studio Session Vol. 7 you'll be seeing more air power transitions, blow ups and my weird toprock, plus you get to listen to Namy's Chill and Smooth Version of ... ...

Studio Session Vol. 32 - Sam Padrul - Got My Love (ft. Lyon Hart) | bboytlil
Загружен 6 января 2017
Hey everyone, so we starting off 2017 with Studio Session Vol. 32! This week we'll be showing you our Bboy progression! We had a lot of fun and everyone ...

Anime Expo 2017 VLOG | Dance & Cosplay Highlights | bboytlil
Загружен 8 июля 2017
This is my Anime Expo 2017 VLOG dance and cosplay highlights! Thank you Anime Expo 2017 for making my time in LA and weekend awesome! It was dope ...

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