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Prology, Tales From the Endless Roads

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Camera Cagliostro has produced the animation series Mire Bala Kale Hin, which is a co-production with three national televisions ( Finland /YLE, Czech Republic /CTV, and Holland/KRO). It was made during the years 2001 - 2003. The episodes (6 x 9 min) are all independent. Mire bala kale hin, (which means the girl with the long black hair in Romanes) was the first TV programme ever produced as a childrens program about the Roma minority in Czech Republic. It is a co-production between Finnish/ Czech/Netherlands television. The story is about a Roma girl, who is told Roma stories, legends, dreams, fairy-tales and true stories. Beside the Czech and Finnish also an english version had been produced. Prology, Tales From the Endless Roads 7'57'' 1. The Romany Mirror 9'00'' 2. The Legend of Black Sarah 8'50'' 3.The Dog of Balthasar 9'01'' 4. Song of the Gallons 8'54''

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