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Adult DIAPERS AT 21? NOT CLICKBAIT|incontinence support

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new to the disabled mermaid? start here! -I'm an undiagnosed illness (aka medical limbo) support channel I create, vlogs and videos about my un/diagnosed chronic illness journey and on various topics like self-love, disability, chronic illness, atheism, mental health, autism and whatever I decided to talk about lol -follow my journey (from the beginning till now) https://(TS) -what unexplained symptoms do you have? here's my symptoms list (public) https://(public) https://(some time I even slur my words to where u cant understand ) I don't always realize it when I'm talking/typing, (example I might insult my self. say bat when I mean bag or say autism when I mean Tourette's. I might even call someone the wrong name. to "fix" this I put the correct word up with text on the screen. I sadly still haven't found a way to make it accessible to all bare with me. thank you for watching please comment, like, and subscribe! my patreon page-https://(if my English subtitles are off I apologize, I have a learning disability and with my cognitive issues I often miss my errors and would like to fix them if possible, just be kind.) #adultdiapers #incontinence #support #medicallimbo #undiagnosed #undiagnosedsupport

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