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Should You Force Yourself To Approach Girls? (see descrip. for some updated thoughts) Ft. Shogo

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►Shogo's Channel: "core". But sometimes, especially if you're in a slump or if you are a noob, maybe it's a good thing to force it here and there. Or do one massive big thing to face your social anxiety and get that experience.. and then can go back to being "natural" and socializing when inspired. Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself! Go after what you want! Actually when pushing yourself, or "forcing yourself".. those experiences often lead to the BIGGEST growth experiences in life. Looking back at my own life.. some of the things I am most proud of is when I FORCED myself to go do something. Very beautiful. So don't take this message the wrong way! Consult your gut and heart! But the main thing is to build an awesome "core" to your life! Make sure to definitely checkout the other videos on my channel to learn more of my philosophy on this! I take back my "if forced, always tends to backfire" comment. Sometimes forcing something gets an awesome result. Don't rationalize the "not forcing" message. (My "natural flow" and inspiration message is a very tricky message to give! haha See the pickle that I am in trying to deliver this message?) Face your fears! Even if a girl tells you are really forcing it and that you are very nervous, lots of girls will appreciate your courage and you putting yourself out there and dig it. Live life with no regrets! And if you never force it.. how will you ever break out of your shell and learn to do it the natural way? After forcing some things, your brain will get the neural pathways to do it again in the future, and each new additional time will be easier and more natural. For example maybe you have never asked out a girl and are very scared. Well, it'll probably never be "natural" for to ask out a girl then. But, if you force it a couple times.. in the future I bet you'll spontaneously ask out a girl someday and go "woah, that was awesome how I just did that it felt natural!" But to have that experience, you gotta do some forcing first to learn and get those experiences and confidence! To teach your mind. COURAGE is SOOOO important!!!!!! Don't rationalize this message! "Fortune favors those who try" :) Here's a newer great video I did on the topic of meeting women: ►How To Meet BEAUTIFUL Women -- ("Being Drawn To.." + Courage + Faith) https://"How To Attract Beautiful Girls By Being Yourself": https://) If you enjoyed this video: I'd appreciate it if you LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE, & check out my other videos! :P

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