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The Clockwork Lounge - 'Desire'. Demo version. (Wigan band)

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The Clockwork Lounge: 'Desire'. Demo version. From an original two-track demo tape. The song was written by the bassist/synthesizer player and the vocalist. This is a demo version of 'Desire' by The Clockwork Lounge, which was recorded using the band's own home-recording equipment. An interesting fact is! No computer was ever used on this recording; the instruments were recorded during the playing of the instruments (real-time) and were recorded on a 'reel-to-reel' tape machine, which highlights the musicianship of the young members of The Clockwork Lounge at the time of this recording. The band had three members and on this recording ('Desire') it consisted of: - drums / sounds / backing vocals - synthesizers / bass synthesizer / sounds / backing vocals - backing vocals / sounds / vocals. The three members of the band 'The Clockwork Lounge' were fully in charge of production, arrangement et al. All instruments on this recording were played by the three band members. The Wigan band (The Clockwork Lounge) pushed the barriers of music, setting new standards to help rid the industrial town of the stigma around music and fashion it had been gathering and to cast light on those shadows the town laid in. The band was extremely active on the local music scene and helped in motivating pubs,bars etc in becoming local venues for live music and for local newspapers to take more interest in the local music scene. Highly regarded in the regional music World, the band set many foundations for local musicians and bands to build upon. +++++

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