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2013 BMW C600 Sport & C650 GT Review

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A few days ago I left Malibu, California, bounding down the Pacific Coast Highway, the 10 and 405 freeways on my way home to Long Beach. When traffic allowed, speeds crept in excess of posted limits, and where traffic snarled to a crawl, lane splitting ensued. It's a route I've traveled many times in the same fashion, only in this instance I wasn't aboard a motorcycle. I was riding a scooter, for chrissake. BMW's C600 Sport, and its sibling C650 GT, however, aren't normal scooters. These things are motorcycles masquerading as scooters by way of their step-through chassis and smaller wheels. When I think of a scooter, the ability of zipping around a tour bus in the HOV lane of SoCal freeway traffic doesn't come to mind, but that's exactly what I was doing on my ride home from the C600/C650 GT's press launch. Full story and photo gallery -

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