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Tell Me About Yourself: Best Way to Respond

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Join career expert and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita as he discusses tell me about yourself: best way to respond! The video is filled with great insight into the "tell me about yourself" question, why it's terrible, how you should avoid the biggest tripwire in the job interview and, of course, 3 fantastic techniques you can use to nail your response to please "tell me about yourself!" -------------------- FREE DOWNLOADS AND TRAINING -------------------- Package your story to "tell me about yourself" with this eBook and job interview webinar! FREE EBOOK: Ace Your Job Interview: Master the Best Responses to the 14 Most Effective Job Interview Questions: "Yes, there is a particular part of your background. Here it is…," you're golden. Just respond to what they cited. That's the best scenario. If they say, “No, there isn’t any particular area…,” here’s your pro tip. Bring a copy of the job description to the interview. If they say there's nothing in particular, then pick up the job description and say… "Okay, Mr. Lazy Interviewer Man, it looks like based on your job description you're looking for these skills and qualifications and the role has these responsibilities, so I'm going to share my background as it relates to the job description so you can get the insight to determine whether I'm a good fit for your company." 2. Use the pro tip I cited with the job description… 3. Don’t want to ask for clarification and don’t have a job description… Respond… “I assume the job entails [this and that] and these would be the skills you’d be interested in knowing I have so you can make a good determination about whether I'm a good fit for your company so I'll share my background as it relates to that." If you are incorrect, they will stop you and say, "Actually, Mr. Smart Job Candidate, that's not entirely true. Let me clarify that for you. Here's what the job really entails and here are the skills we really need to assess." Now, you've got the information you need! -------------------- OTHER SOURCES IN THE WORLD -------------------- I'm happy to share other people's work on the tell me about yourself question. This is not an endorsement of their techniques, but simply alternate viewpoints. https://

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