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Detained by police at Walmart for not showing my receipt.

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The officers name is Aaron Arnsperger. Their website is https://"short black 3rd shift security guard" (how the officer identifies her), requested to see my receipt, it was literally in my right hand and she had just watched me pay via Samsung Pay with my Samsung Gear S3 watch, so fucking cool to do! r/hailcorporate lol. I held it up and said "its right here". She asked again. 3. I said "no thank you, have a great night". And continued walking. 4. After she asked me to stop and I stated no thanks, she stated "stop, or I will stop your fat ass". 5. At that point I refused to respond to her anymore. 6. She continued after me and said she was going to call the police, I stated "whatever floats your boat" and pulled out my phone and turned on the video camera. 7. A police officer was in the store parking lot already so she flagged him down and sent him over to me. Video starts as we are walking out after the initial confrontation. Officer states I am being detained but refuses to state on what grounds, officer states that searching me for my receipt is not a violation of my 4th amendment rights. Rights he apparently is not aware of. Now I am going to get a few of the commonly asked questions out of the way now. No, I am not a freeman, or a sovereign citizen or a "constitutionalist" or any of the other bullshit. Tonight I was simply annoyed with being stopped by a technology illiterate old hag accusing me of being a thief and not knowing how to do her own job. Side note, why would someone wanting to uphold the constitution be considered a bad thing? I digress. Yes, I am fat. Yes I am a former Marine. Yes I was pissed off at the officer, mainly because he was being a condescending prick when I know my rights and know he was wrong. No, I won't be shopping at that location again. Yes, I walked right back in and went to the service desk and returned the 125 dollars worth of weekly groceries I had just purchased, and yes, I told the manager on duty exactly why I had returned them and won't return. There are other Walmart stores the same distance away if I want to go to one, and there is a Kroger right down the street from me which I will now always go to. Quite literally the one and only reason I bother to go to Walmart is for their great value brand drink powder mixes, which I can order online so I never will have a reason to go back there again. If your intent when leaving a comment is to call me names, it won't be approved, so don't bother to waste your time.

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