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Seahawks 12s vs. Zombies Cowboys Nation - EPIC battle! RIVALS!

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It's a battle between NorbCam and a crazed Cowboys fan and his Cowboy Zombies army! It's Seattle vs. Dallas, Seahawks vs Cowboys, 12s vs. Cowboys Nation, in a wild battle for survival. STARRING: Norb Caoili as himself Kurt Svennungsen as Billy Bob McGentry Cates Cassidy Quinn as herself (@CassidyQuinn, https://) Byron Raynz as the 12th Can Fan Courtney Prather as the Louder Rewards Assistant Mike Lorrain as 80s Broncos Fan Norb Caoili as Crisostomo Directed by Norb Caoili Written, Edited & Produced By Norb Caoili & Mike Lorrain Director of Photography, Brian Liepe Visual Effects & Location Sound, Mike Lorrain 1st Assistant Director, Erika Hunter Grip/Behind the Scenes, Byron Raynz, Kurt Svennungsen Production Assistants, Chloe Wilhelm & Ellie Rutt Zombie Make-Up, Ken Kauno, Rebecca Mare' Morrison Zombies & 12s: Erika Hunter, Jody Bossert, Carllynn Cleveland, Ruben Muniz-Garcia, Alec Letterer, Patricia Nelson, Ashlynn Nelson, Tea Serack, Indyanna Serack, Brandie Booth, Rich Shauger, Shelby Shauger, Gretchen Littell, Cori Littell, Atreau Sabo, David Werven, Jena Werven, David Bannon, Taylor Todd, Sophie Caoili, Vanessa Caoili, Ciony Caoili. Special Thanks to: Jody Bossert, the Haunted Nightmare at the Nile Louder Rewards, Daniel, Katherine and Taylor Todd. For business inquiries, please contact: norb@ Please Subscribe! For Shout-Outs, Ask Norb or if you want to be in a future production, contact me! NorbCam Channel:

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