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LG Carves gift to present at Salish-Sea name-change

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VICTORIA - A year ago, Lieutenant Governor Steven Point showed us a more artistic side of himself with a shovel-nose canoe he carved with help from a friend; well known artist and hereditary chief Tony Hunt. Now, the duo is busy again, working on another hand-carved vessel that will be given as a very meaningful present at the official name-change of the Salish sea Thursday morning. But it's been a race against time to get it done. The artists are working fast to put the grace notes on a gracious gift. With calloused hands, and glue-covered fingers, Point, who is no stranger to ceremony, is feverishly preparing for a very special one. The canoe is the vessel that will help mark a new journey in BC history. One that sees three bodies of water: the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Georgia Strait and Puget sound united under a new name: the Salish Sea. The canoe, named "Sea Raven of the Salish Sea" will be presented in an official ceremony Thursday, if they can get it done in time. It's not the first time Point has experienced the honour and the humbling nature of carving. Nor is it the first time he's enlisted the help of his friend, master carver and Hereditary Kwagulth Chief Tony Hunt. The last time this dynamic carving duo worked together was the first time for Point. And if the first project was a labour of love, this time, the stakes are a lot higher, and so is the meaning. The canoe which took shape under the firm hand of his honor's brother, Mark Point, will be turned over to the Navy as it celebrates its 100th anniversary. A fitting gift to mark two occasions, two very different histories and one united future.

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