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Green Baby LEGO HELICOPTER TOY - Baby Superhero Stop Motion - Cartoons For Kids #38

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00:00 - LEGO HELICOPTER TOY It's toy fun day to play with Lego helicopter with Green Baby, Yellow Baby, Blue Baby and Red Baby! Will they get along? What do you think? 00:41 - FUN FISHING TIME Watch how Green Baby wish came true and got a big kinder surprise egg and all that by catching a goldfish! 01:34 - GREEN BABY DOLL In the third episode, you get to watch Red Baby bathing and drying his Green Baby Doll. More in the next video :) 02:13 - FUN SAND TIME Bummer! Luck is not on Green Baby's side while he makes castles of sand. Why? 03:11 - DIVISION OF CANDIES Now, look at that! Both Yellow Baby and Green Baby are having trouble getting along and guess for what? 03:38 - CAN'T STOP THE FIDGET SPINNER The Fidget Spinner can't stop and Green Baby is the one who is playing with it! Just watch how long it spins!!! 05:45 - TEASING BABY GAMES What's the catch, thinks Green Baby, just at that moment when Red Baby steals his pacifier. Oh my! I smell trouble... 08:27 - PLAY WITH SAND Hold your horses, Green Baby! You will enjoy in your beach sand party just as much as Yellow Baby does! 10:20 - LEARNING NUMBERS Learn Numbers and have fun with Green Baby through an interesting game! 13:03 - PLAY DOH COLOR-MIX Mix play doh and learn colors together with Blue Baby in this superheroes educational stop motion cartoons for kids! 14:00 - MOTHER DRESSES You have four, not so calm babies, who want to have fun with the new dresses of their mothers! 14:47 - HUNGRY GREEN BABY DINOSAUR "I am starving!", thinks Green Baby DINO as he lays on the floor trying to sleep. Don't you worry Green Baby! Fortune smiles on you! ABOUT GREEN BABY : Get to know Green Baby! This is an adorable green baby with big blue eyes, huge cheeks, and cute little hair lock. He is an incredibly fun baby who likes to learn all the time, including the educational themes, but he also enjoys spending time with his other color baby superheroes friends Yellow Baby, Blue Baby and Red Baby. Subscribe Green Baby Cartoons: https://

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