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T.I. says #ATL Movie Part 2 with Lauren London is COMING SOON !!!

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Clifford Harris aka TIP confirms in April of 2017 that the ATL Movie Part 2 is on its way by posting a picture with his girlfriend Lauren London aka New New (movie of of course).....they began filming it in 2015 but never got no where with it but now that he's let his soon to be ex wife Tiny as well as The Family hustle on VH1 go he is back focused to business and his big plan to be all he can be single, divorced and all.... we say that to say this....they are continuing to film where they left off NO MORE DISTRACTIONS.... _____________________________________________________________ ATL movie fans, it looks like your dreams of a sequel are finally coming true. Both unconfirmed speculation from hopeful fans and whispers from the film’s actors about an “ATL 2” have been gaining traction over the past few years, with starring cast member T.I. even confirming earlier this summer that the entire original cast had reunited to begin work on a highly-demanded follow up to the 2002 hood classic. Although the film’s female lead Lauren London offered a slightly different take on whether or not shooting had actually begun for a sequel shortly after T.I.’s confirmation, it seems Tip was indeed telling the truth. Evan Ross, who played the role of T.I.’s hard-headed younger brother Ant in the film, took to his social media pages over the weekend with these photos of the entire original cast back together. Evan conveniently managed to keep any mention of the words “sequel” or even an “ATL2” hashtag out of the caption for his pics (which appear to have been taken on set), but that didn’t stop fans from putting 2 and 2 together. And if that’s still not enough to get your hopes up, Evan’s co-star Jason Weaver also reposted the photo with a slightly more telling caption that seemed to hint at a sequel making its’ way to the masses in one form or another sometime in the near future. Via TheUrbanDaily in 2015 ARE Y'ALL EXCITED ????

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