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How To Measure Your Penis Size

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Get your FREE Gift, Instant Hard-On Techniques plus the Mental and Physical Factors of E.D: https://goo.gl/FwpQ48 Here is my video series on penis pumps. https://"THE WHOPPER" PENIS ENLARGEMENT PUMP SYSTEM https:///whopper “THE ED” PENIS PUMP SYSTEM (not hard). - Follow the vacuum pressure numbers for the designated week. (-2 to -4 for the first 3 weeks) - Release the pressure and remove the 3-inch cylinder. - Enjoy 3 minutes of deep tissue, pleasurable penis massage to gain an erection. - Pump for another 10 minutes with the 2-inch cylinder with a hard on at the recommended vacuum pressure. - Release the pressure of the 2-inch cylinder. - Wash up and you're done. Do this every other day for 90 days to see gains. If you want it to be permanent, continue a maintenance program of once or twice a week. #PenisSize #MeasureYourPenis #DoesSizeMatter

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