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Don Diablo - Save A Little Love (Official Music Video)

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Stream & download this song here: "Save A Little Love" in my sets a few months ago and have been getting questions about it ever since. It was initially going to get a later release date but because of the high demand I decided to release it earlier. The song features vocals from the talented Swedish singer / songwriter duo Smith & Thell. I wanted to make a feel good song with a positive message that will put smiles on peoples faces, while still incorporating my trademark sounds. This music video was shot in Washington, where I got together with the "Cutting Shapes" crew for a special reunion. Much love to Gabby J David, Ricki Huff and the rest of the crew. Keep dancin' and keep smilin', it makes the world a better place! X - Don - Video directed by: Patrick Van Der Wal | Visual FX: Erik Middendorp Concept and Executive Producer: Don Diablo

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