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Rice puller coin || scam or true || to know watch this video || scam beware

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As some duplicates and many cheaters are into this biz, I request people to be careful with proper testing before escrew etc. These coins and metals etc are used for power generation We give good rates for all rice pulling coin, iridium copper metals, other RP's like wood , also we deal in NM , Feather etc. Most of the items are coming fake and the tests are BEING DUPLICATED CHEMICALLY, do the glass water test as described below. Do the below tests and include the phone numbers also in the mails, see that there is no delay in any communication etc for fast processing 1)Get fresh rice and keep it very near the item for attraction note the time taken and distance pulled. 2)Now take these tested rice placed on a flat surface towards untested rice and check for attraction. Mail immediately for further tests and instructions. Some item holders get some duplicate RP's so be careful, during testing SEE THAT THE ITEM HOLDER(SELLER) DOES NOT TOUCH THE ITEM AFTER WASHING IT THOROUGHLY WITH SOAP ETC , HE SHOULDN'T TOUCH IT IN BETWEEN THE TESTS ALSO. Glass water test: fill a non metallic glass with water and put the 4 tested rice in 4 diagonals floating , after some time they will come towards the center. The rice should turn to yellow or brown color. If rice turns to BLUE COLOR is a fake RP item. Wash the item thoroughly and see that the sellers do not touch it.The 1616 needs a MetaDoxide from Germany for testing and is a costly affair.Anyway we can do the things if we get genuine items excavated from ground. I include a genuine picture of 1616 excavated underground but the charge is being leaking from it,Defence personnel are into this and we need to put it in the morning 4 am sky for recharging.

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