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How to get BEN DROWNED in your dream (remake)

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Hello, BEN DROWNED's fans / Youtube viewiers having BEN DROWNED in your dreams it's like playing a Zelda game but the trick is BEN would try to stop you before anyone else. When you feel warm when you wake up means you lost and let BEN won cause he'd Burn your character and when you feel so cold it tells you that your body felt like it's had been out of a struggle with some one. but here's the links to help you out with the dream. but it's a little hard but some how get used to it .-. but any way try to have fun and enjoy the video. yes the video might be too fast but if you want to reread it try to look back btw if you don't know BEN there should be a link below that says "BEN DROWNED playlist" it also has those gameplays in there check it out and don't forget to subscribe :) : Song of Unhealing [extended]: (Jasusable) https://(Mr creepypasta) I might do Jeff the killer next :3 Smile dog.jpg seems to enter alot of dreams so why not do Jeff? (no homo!!!) I'm still waiting for comments (nice comments and request for these creepypasta dream others can apply to :) plz comment TT^TT yes i do realized i miss spelled on these dream videos. *cries* if you don't drink very cool water then it won't work or the game will be upside down and the oppisite you wished it to be or it's Might be the same :3

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