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DrobyshevskyKarateSystem:Chinte Combat Bunkai-3-Kaishin-Qinna Stick Disarm

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Bunkai Chinte in Action! Second Tettsui Uchi and Kaishin Combination for Stick Defense, Qinna Armlock, Stick Disarm and Atemi. Chinte, meaning "Unusual Hands" or "Incredible Hands," gets its name from the unique and rare for kata the hand techniques. Kaishin Combination - one of these "Unusual Hands". Special Secret Technique martial arts of antiquity can replenish your combat arsenal today, if you peruse look to this video. Combat application of undeservedly forgotten position of the hands "Kaishin" for a long time was not disclosed to the public. Ancient martial arts masters and creators of the kata Chinte left us a legacy of a very original way to disarm the enemy armed with a stick. Principle disarm using open palms in the form Kaishu is rarely used these days, and very vain. Open palms instead of the usual of hands capture creates a powerful pair forces and enemy which uses only his physical strength against you becomes helpless. My teacher, the famous Alexey Kadochnikov, taught me a global principle for victory in battle: "There is no force capable of overcoming the pair of forces ... only the pair of forces ." This principle is the basis principle for weapon disarm in Drobyshevsky Karate System. In the course of the demonstration kata bunkai variants assault and weapons constantly change. We are working to increase the combat potential of each new version of bunkai. In other words, everyone, even the most primitive movement kata, we use to defeat the opponent. Bunkai kata must meet the motto oldest karate "Ikken Hissatsu" (一拳必殺) or "To annihilate at one blow". Ideal bunkai: One move - one defeat the enemy! Qinna (Chin Na) is the art of seizing and controlling an opponent. It is a fast, effective way to subdue an attacker using joint locks, cavity press, bone misplacement, muscle grabbing, and artery sealing. Karate is a traditional martial art, and Qinna is an important part of your complete karate training. WARNING: Practice at your own risk! NONE of this is legal advice, you and you alone are responsible for your own actions and the choices you make! AUTHOR BUNKAI: Konstantin Drobyshevsky, Chief Instructor of KarateSystem: https://

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