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Urbex, Graff and Ghostly Goings On! (Part 2)

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Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!! So, here it is, part two of our awesome explore of the Cincinnati building in Birmingham, England. This part includes the actual ghostly encounter, we, erm, encountered!! At the time, we felt extremely happy and safe, so its a massive surprise to picture what we did!!! Take some history!!!! Cincinnati Machine Tools was a world renowned manufacturer of milling machines. In the 1950's a large factory and modern headquarters was built alongside the canal at Erdington. The buildings are a striking post war modernist statement running along a traditional section of Birmingham waterway, with a single curved span concrete bridge connecting the main entrance to the opposite bank. The design has a particularly modern transatlantic feel when compared to many other contemporary industrial headquarters So what did you think? Let me know in the comments below! Please Share, Like and Subscribe :) On to the next one... Check out Ghost EA's version of events here:

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