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Pindemonium Trailer

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From Barcelona to Moscow, Salt Lake City to Torino, the Olympic's have spread the spirit of the games to a frenzied group of unlikely candidates. These self proclaimed keepers of the flame are neither athletes nor coaches, the people who engage in what's called the Games greatest spectator sport are PIN COLLECTORS. PINDEMONIUM introduces an eccentric group of people who orbit the world in pursuit of their passion and a means to give themselves an identity. Looking at this small microcosm of Pin enthusiasts we see a reflection of ourselves and who we are and how we interact with one another. We see in Gary, Arne, Janet, Sid, Don, Oleg and Remi all the traits that exist in each of us: obsession, competition, greed, passion, kindness, generosity, hate and jealousy. All of it running wild and all of it to do with Pins! Within each one of these characters we see our hopes and desires, our trials and tribulations. We bare witness to all that truly makes us human. Pindemonum carries you through the lives of those who follow their hearts despite all costs down the path of collecting Olympic Pins.

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