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My Cat Hates Me! Meanest Cat Ever!!

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Ok I know I said memorial day, maybe I need to use memorial day to remember what flipping holiday I'm rockin! Me and Gray man wish y'all the best! This is how my cat reacts when I try and show her love lol. Back Story of Gray Man: I rescued her as a kitten from a dumpster behind a store. She was in a box with her brothers and sisters in 100 degree heat . TINY with a HUGE HEAD , the vet said she was malnourished. She is not FAT and happy, but still pretty mean lol. I love her very much. And I just put up with her temper. I think she may have been Feral cause she does not act like any cat I've ever had. But every day she gets a tiny bit nicer. Unless you touch her tail ..... word to the wise ... never touch the Gray mans Tail if you value your fingers . :)

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