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Don't Breathe - Ending Scene (HD)

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The Blind Man drags Rocky back to his house to finish his job. A ladybug flies onto Rocky's hand, giving her a boost of confidence and hope. Rocky grabs the control to set off the security system, causing the alarm to distract the man. She grabs the crowbar and whacks the Blind Man over the head multiple times until he falls into the basement and has his gun go off, shooting him in the side. Rocky takes the money and leaves the house before the cops show up. Rocky is now with Diddy at the airport, ready to start their new lives. Rocky then sees a news report on TV, stating that the Blind Man was found alive and that only two burglars were reported as breaking into his home, and that he killed both of them. Rocky becomes nervous and then takes Diddy with her, never to look back again. I do not own this, for entertainment purposes only.

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