Arrests by Las Vegas Metro Police At Circle Park

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Last week (Nov. 14, 2017), I was riding past Circle Park when I saw a police helicopter circling around it. Once I went around the corner, I could see that there were four LVMPD cops on the other end of the park with two men in handcuffs against their car. By the time they eventually left there were actually seven cops involved (because Las Vegas has a "severe shortage" of cops, according to Metro), some of whom parked their cars in the middle of the road completely blocking one lane of traffic and backing up traffic. It would seem that in the hour plus that they were there (mostly standing around or sitting in their cars) they could have easily moved them out of the road. Eventually, the men were placed under arrest, although I'm not sure what they were charged with. However, it's pretty common for the police to harass homeless people. The fact that none of the people in the park knew what was going on with them when I asked implies that they hadn't caused any sort of disturbance within the park. (One of the common harassment tactics is to ticket homeless people for minor offenses, which they obviously don't have the money to pay. Soon after, they are arrested on a warrant resulting from that non-payment.) That also tends to imply that whatever they got arrested for was probably some sort of harassment based charge. In addition, one of the men being arrested had been detained and cited by the City Marshals just a couple days earlier for having a "dangerous" can opener on his key chain. (That video can be found here: Additional videos of recent Las Vegas police harassment/abuse of the homeless:

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