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A Day At The Cinema With GHOST EA! (RAW FOOTAGE)

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Argh, the cinema! A place of action, comedy, romance, horror and amazing urban exploring adventures! So yes, you've guessed it, me and Ghost are exploring an abandoned cinema this week. Now, as you can tell this place wasn't in the best of shape. Ok i'm being nice, this place was a total shit hole!!! But somehow, it still managed to be stunningly beautiful!!!!! This week Ive decided to do something abit different. Rather than editing the footage and adding some amazing music (you know my taste in music is hella cool), Ive decided to give you the raw footage in all it's glory! I hope you get a sense of what we go through each explore, and the banter we have while doing some shit we love!! But don't worry my friends, everything will return to normal next week!!! Take some history you mofo's!!! The Kingsway Cinema at The Parade on Kings Heath High Street opened on the 2nd of March 1925 with Clara Bow in "Down to the Sea in Ships''. It was designed by Horace G Bradley, the same architect was responsible for a number of Birmingham cinemas - all in the neo-classical style. It closed as a cinema in May 1980 when the final films were "The Bermuda Triangle" and a documentary feature "Encounter with Disaster". As a cinema the building had 1362 seats (Seating was provided in stalls and circle), towards the end of its cinematic life it was taken over by the Essoldo circuit and was licensed as a bingo hall for 903 occupants, Gala Bingo opened on the site in 1982 and closed in 2007. The applicants described the Gala/Kingsway as "an important feature in the urban landscape of Kings Heath High Street." In 2011, the place was gutted after an arson attack by some low life scumbags!!! Efforts have been made to get permission to restore the building, but it has been left standing in its current condition for nearly 5 years now. So what did you think? Let me know in the comments below. Did you enjoy the rawness? Please add my instagram for some average pictures: @majg_ea Share, Like and Subscribe :) On to the next one... Ps. Apologies if you cant understand my incredibly common accent!!!

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