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Way to End - A Mon Ombre

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Formed in 2006, the aim of Way to End is to propose a complex music, getting further away from Black Metal and which gets more interesting at each new listening. The songs may seem to be hard to grasp at first glance, that's why several listenings are necessary, in order to notice the subtleties of each instrument. Classical and contemporary music are a strong influence and the mix with black metal influences (Emperor, Dissection) results in those complex song structures which contain a great variety of ambiences. On « Various Shades of Black », a great deal of work has been put on the vocals in order to strengthen the ambiences. Band: Way to End Genre: Avant-garde/Black Metal Album: Various Shades of Black Type: Full-length Year: 2013 Country: France Recorded and mixed by Raphael Henry at Echoes Studio Mastered by Neb Xort at Masterlab Studio Artwork by SLO. Members: Vaerohn: Backing Vocals, Bass Hazard: Vocals, Guitars Order:

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