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X-UAV Talon Mini (mini Talon) build & maiden flights (Mobius hat-cam)

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This is my second Talon Mini video. Everything went together well during the build, I only had to reinforce the hatch in one section where it was weak. The maiden flights were SO FUN. This thing has no flex and flies like it's on rails! You can really throw it around like a flying wing - something I'm going to do a few more times before I consider putting any camera/FPV gear on it. :-) I started with CG on the spar where the stickers indicated, but this was way off! After two adjustments, balancing on the main servo-wire tracks was about right. These flights were with an empty plane, just a 5000mah 3S battery almost all the way in the nose to achieve CG, and a 2836 1500kv motor. While it flew beautifully and was quite aerobatic, the flying weight with the big battery meant that the glide in for landings was much faster than I was used to, so I needed to turn in quite a long way out. With the 7x5" APC I did about 18 minutes of varied throttle and still had some juice left. With an 8x4" APC it became a little more efficient but also felt sluggish. An 8x5 or 8x6 would be worth trying. HOWEVER... I have decided against progressing this FPV project. Wordy thoughts posted here:

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