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CwK #29: How To Short Bitcoin And Other Altcoins

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In this live-stream we will be covering a few new trading setups we use to short the crypto market. As momentum traders, we have to adapt to the market conditions in order to extract profits on a consistent basis. Given the market conditions in the last month, we have seen the long setups aren't providing us with the 30-50% moves we were seeing before 2018. We still are making money going long, but the moves are smaller scalps and the follow through rate isn't quite their until we get above some resistance levels. What we can do though is take these sharp pullback moves on the short side which we have been doing successfully through Kraken. Advance your trading and join our Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery Bootcamp here: https:///bootcamp/ Join the leading cryptocurrency trading room Bulls on Crypto Street: https:///cryptostreet/ Check out our FREE trading education library:

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