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New luxury movie theater open in New York

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(7 Oct 2016) AP Entertainment New York, 6 October 2016 1. Med shot of iPic Theaters door 2. Med shot of theater reception desk 3. Wide shot of local art in lobby 4. Wide shot of refreshment center 5. Med shot of man working at refreshment center 6. Med shot of hall leading to theaters 7. Wide pan of theater 8. SOUNDBITE (English) Hamid Hashemi, iPic Entertainment CEO and founder: "The lap of luxury - as you can see we're sitting in a pod. These are custom designed patented pods that encapsulate two leather-covered seats. The seats are reclining, push of a button, you can get your seats reclined, pillows and blankets, popcorn is no charge. This is truly an affordable luxury, really the best way that can watch a movie. If you were to watch a movie at your home, this is how you would be watching it." 9. Various of woman demonstrating the reclining chair in theater 10. Med shot of ninja butler bringing drink to woman You can license this story through AP Archive:

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