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Maldita Castilla %100 Best Ending - 28:42 (28:01 IGT)

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World Record speedrun as of March 13th 2015 (beaten by Mr_Weables since then). Terrible Homeless Gandalf RNG and subpar Quixote RNG. I took a few hits here and there and had some questionable movement in the second half of the run because of nerves, but oh well. Obviously a very good run other than that. I've learned some strats that will shave off another 10-20 seconds or so, so this definitely isn't the lowest this run can go. I was really upset at the game before this run so basically all I say is "shit" and "fuck" throughout, so I'll probably make a commentary version of this where I explain things a little better and maybe swear a little less. :) -- Watch live at

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