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Don't Starve | Wigfrid vs Ancient Guardian

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● Playlist https://(Windows/Linux/Mac) and PlayStation 4. "Reign of Giants" is an expansion focused on bringing content to the surface world. Its features include: World: 3 new seasons: Spring An expanded Summer Autumn 2 new biomes: Desert Deciduous Forest Wetness Overheating Glommer's Statue Hollow Stump Mini Glacier Mole Burrows Tumbleweed Characters: Wigfrid Webber Mobs/Plants: 3 new season specific bosses: Bearger Moose Dragonfly Buzzard Catcoon Glommer Moleworm Volt Goat Warg Mosling Birchnutter Birchnut Tree Cactus Items/Structures: Wigfrid's character-specific items: Battle Helm Battle Spear Raw and Cooked Birchnut Bone Shards Bucket-o-poop Raw and Cooked Cactus Flesh Cat Cap Electrical Doodad Endothermic Fire/Firepit Fashion Melon Glommer's Flower Glommer's Wings Glommer's Goop Ice Ice Cube Ice Flingomatic Old Bell Pretty Parasol Rain Coat Rain Hat Siesta Lean-to Volt Goat Horn Raw and Cooked Watermelon Watermelon Seeds Tweaks/Changes to existing content: Captured small animals (Rabbits, Birds etc.) now starve to death if not fed. Deerclops can now freeze opponents. Many existing equippable items now offer differing amounts of water resistance. Many existing items and structures are now flammable. Both the Piggyback and Krampus Sack are waterproof (items inside don't become wet) and the Piggyback slows you down less. The Umbrella now loses durability when protecting from rain. The Heat Stone and Winterometor were renamed to Thermal Stone and Thermal Measurer. The Thermal Stone now can be cooled in an Ice Box or Snow Chester (This version of Chester is not exclusive to the DLC). Lightning can now hit and damage the player. Food ready to be harvested on Crock Pots and Drying Racks will start to spoil. Many Set Pieces have a higher chance to spawn in Sandbox Mode. Frog Rain can also happen now in that mode. Full Moon Nights are now bright and will offer protection from Charlie. Also during a full moon, Ghosts will come out of Graves, Flowers will turn into Evil Flowers, and Mushrooms will turn into Mushtrees. During Spring, flowers will spawn on their own and Bees will become aggressive. Clockwork Monsters and Maxwell Biomes are now more numerous. The Alchemy Engine and the Hammer have new recipes. Skeletons can now be hammered for Bone Shards. Weather effects now happen in Caves and Ruins too. Many items considered non-renewable can be made renewable with Tumbleweed. This includes Thulecite (requires Thulecite to begin with), Gems, Fireflies, Gears, and Gravedigger Items.

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