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Branding & Hometown Culture | The Morning Dinner #44 - TNES

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Tnes earns the title of a true renaissance man, fingerprinting multiple projects such as Tuesday Blend, Waterhole Kingdom, HippoEsthetics, Junxion Complex, SICKSHOOTERS, CMXX Event Center, and more. The Filipino American by of Wahiawa, Hawaii moved out here in 2005 with nothing more than a vision, continuing to be a pioneer for the local Las Vegas community. He started with a little weekly event in Chinatown and has now evolved into an umbrella of projects designed to help art strive in Sin City. The motto has always been loyalty and that’s what he continues to be for the culture, ensuring building occurs along the journey. Along with the entrepreneurship, Tnes perfects a craft of film and photography, a refreshing outlet to ambitious goals. Visit TNES online at: https:///tnes1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OFFICIAL MORNING DINNER MERCH: https://

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