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Kanye West Selling Plain T-Shirts for...$120?!

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"Kanye West is not exactly a man known for his simple tastes. He is instead a man who has owned an 18th-century koi fish aquarium with "a cherub-shaped gold fountain resting on a marble base" in the middle of it. Kanye West is a man who sleeps uneasily on fur pillows and drinks from goblets and crowdsources where to get a marble conference table. He lives in a diamond-studded, gilded world. So you wouldn't necessarily expect his most notable item of clothing would be a plain white T-shirt."* Kanye West is pushing his designer APC collection, which consists of very plain t-shirts, hoodies, and pants. there doesn't appear to be anything remarkable about the clothes...except the outrageously high prices! Is Kanye West a genius, or unbearable for doing this? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss. *Read more from Salon: (bookmark it!)

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