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Sh!t My Grunt Says: Relic IMC

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The complete IMC grunt banter from the campaign map Relic. Transcript below. "Graves hates that MacAllan." "I can't believe anyone would dare to cross Graves. I can't even look him in the eye." "This carrier is definitely an older class." "Do you think it was taken apart or did it just fall apart?" "MacAllan mutinied against Graves, that story is legendary." "It's the only time someone turned their back on the IMC, and lived to tell about it." "It seems like everyone from this carrier set up home here." "Home away from the war? What a coward's way out." "The military really want MacAllan, but for what? It's been over 15 years. I doubt he has anything to offer 'em." "He knows a lot more than us, I'll tell you that much." "Graves is taking this MacAllan guy very personally." "I don't blame him. A close colleague, someone you trust, someone you would die for completely betrays you. I'd say that makes it personal." "That carrier is starting up." "This is how Hammond builds stuff; built to last, you can beat it up, take it down, tear it apart, it'll still start right back up." "That ship's a relic, the Colossus could run circles around that thing." "Yeah but [Colossus is] a lot thinner. These Andromeda-class ships are legendary...built like tanks." "I'd never let a ship I'm commanding crash down and fall into Militia hands." "You'd better watch your tongue, or Graves will cut it out himself." "Had a Sergeant in basic diss the IMC, they branded him a traitor and a terrorist...never saw him again." "The IMC's relentless against fugutives, you've gotta be one hell of an operative to stay off their radar, especially for as long as this MacAllan bloke." "This MacAllan we're looking for — rumor is he was Graves' XO." "Yeah, before he mutinied. I heard he turned the entire crew against the Vice Admiral." "Lambda Squad 3, flank around the carrier!" "If you've got eyes on MAcAllan or Bish, don't hesitate, take 'em out!" "Beta Squad, we just got orders to cover the inside of that carrier." "Hopefully that thing doesn't fall apart while we're inside." "Remember, Graves wants this MacAllan alive." "We'll do our best, sir, but if it's between MAcAllan or one of my men, he's going down." "I thought all our IMC carriers were accounted for." "This one looks ancient. Andromeda-class." "The Odyssey? Isn't that Graves' old ship?" "This MacAllan is some sort of terrorist." "He's apparently ex-IMC." "I assumed if you're ex-IMC you're as good as dead." "The Colony down there is secure." "The battle's up here! Why are you bringing up previous battles?" "I'm just saying it's secure!" "This sector gives me the creeps." "I hear ya. Ghosts of the Titan Wars can really haunt your dreams." "I'm not talking about ghosts. I just mean because it's so far from civilization. Who knows what the hell we might run into out here." "This is by far the oldest carrier I've ever seen." "You've never been inside the Bastion? That thing is beautiful." "No, I thought you had to know a guy to get in there. You know someone I don't?" "We got new weaponry training next week, I'm pumped!" "I bet you they'll cancel it. If the Militia get this MacAllan guy, things are gonna be a hell of a lot different." "You missed the bloody signups, didn't ya?" "Turn your back on the IMC, and a bullet's coming your way." "Someone should have told this MacAllan — he used to be one of us." "Then there's bound to be a good price on his head, mate!" "I never thought anyone could take down an IMC carrier." "Not just anyone...MacAllan took that thing down by himself." "Well that's IMC training for ya, innit?" "I say we rig the self-destruct on the Odyssey and blow 'em all to hell!" "Yeah, and you'd wipe out all of us along with it." "It's a small price to pay if it kills the Militia's best people." "Cover Team 4, move into the carrier's side entrance!" "Right, we'll set up a crossfire to cut down the Militia around the carrier!" "Copy that. Rear Element check six, let's move." "Sir, I've got a few more AT rounds left." "Watch for hostile Titans passing through the center of the carrier." "Copy that." "This carrier's got some massive guns under the hull." "Any chance we can get the weapons systems online?" "Not without permission from Spyglass or Blisk, they've got other plans for the ship." "I heard about this carrier going missing about 15 years ago. Big news back then. They called it 'MacAllan's Mutiny'." "Still looks like it could fly one day, with some repairs." "First of the Andromeda-class. They were built to last." "Get a team to flank under the forward section of the Odyssey!" "It looks unstable, sir, are you sure about that?" "Use the rocks for cover and move quickly. Go!" "Alright, moving out!" "You know anything about this guy MacAllan?" "All I know if he mutinied against Graves when he took the Odyssey 15 years ago." "I wouldn't want to be in his shoes right now. Not against the Vice Admiral." "Roger that."

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