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The 1.8 Song! - Minecraft "Bountiful Update" Song!

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▶ Make sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button! ▶ Buy "The 1.8 Song!": ⸕ iTunes - https://apple.co/307OSWe ⸕ Google Play - "MCAdmin15" for 15% off for LIFE! --------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics with chords: We waited and waited for 1.8 (D, G) -it did not dissapoint us in da least- (D, A) Dis is da longest change list I ever did saw (D, G) So let's start below under da sea (D, A, D) Put on your depth strider boots and lets swim Into da brand new ocean monument Full of prismarine, sea lanterns, and working sponge Can't forget about dem evil guardians Ooooh! Now ye know, spikes shoot out of dese guys! (G, D, A, D) Ooooh! Now ye know, watch out for dem laser beam eyes! (G, D, A, stop on A) (PEW PEW PEW) Hoist up dem banners! And dry out dat sponge! Check out da new fence and doors Dere's diorite, adesite, granite, ENDERMITES! And armor stands. Need I say more? (YES YOU DO!) Ooooh! Now ye know, dere's new skins and now dere's Alex (G, D, A, D) Ooooh! land ho!, You can see furder with 32 render distance (G, D, A, stop on A) Put colored glass on beacons - color the sky (A) Put buttons under blocks - make reach you high (C) Creeper / spider shaders make you fly (A) Oh yeah. OH yeah! (E, G) Spectator mode gonna make ya clip through Click players and mobs to see their point of view Alternate blocks and block models for you. It's true! It's true! Of course, coarse dirt (A, E, G) Red sand and sand stone (A E G) Iron trap door (A E G) Glowing world borders too! (A E G) Better FPS. Arrange server lists (C) Cobble spawns under gravel roads (F) Difficulty is per world now (C) And check out the new debug mode (G) You can craft all the stone bricks (C) And even mossy cobble (F) Have you seen the new statistics? (C) Repairs are less but exponential (D, E) Activator rails gonna kick you out Item frames rotate round and round and round Comparators know which way they go. They know. They know Daylight sensors will now invert Right-click with spawn eggs to change a spawner Dispense a pumpkin or a wither skull oh no. OH No!!!! Barrier block Improved player list New achievement (overpowered) Mutton from sheep - finally! (A Bb C) Now first let's take a break to make sure that we get it all (F) Enchantment's made a change to make you use a few levels Minimum levels stayed the same but now you lapis (G) Leveling takes longer but, hey, that's what it is Villagers now pick and grow, all their own crops, just don't Be around them if lightning strikes them in the head The switch is not a glitch, no, he really is a witch Which will end up kinda badly, someone will be dead Speed up baby animal growth with the feed they need to breed Trading with villagers will now gift you some xp New customizable world types, the presets are pretty tight A ton of new commands for you to do just what you do This update shoulda been called something better than what it's named The Bountiful Update's cool but it misses the common theme I bet you haven't seen the theme it's hidden between some lines Some lines I'll now denote to note to show you where it lies Rabbit's give you rabbit's foot, cooked rabbit, and stew The new Potions of leaping, you know just what they'll do Add on top a slime block, climb on top and jump off And now we have the bouncy update explained from me to you

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